I have Defeated Renal Cell Carcinoma and Now Back to Work!


The Cancer Shock

It has been a while ever since I last posted on this blog. I have received numerous emails and telephone calls from my happy clients and friends wondering where I disappeared to. To those who managed to get in touch during my absence, you already know the reason for my absence; I was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma, also known by most people as simply, renal cell cancer or kidney cancer. Yeah, I know Read more

Renal Cell Carcinoma: All You Need to Know and How I Defeated It




Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) is known by an assortment of other names such as renal/kidney cancer, renal adenocarcinoma and hypernephroma (most of these names I had never heard of before). According to research, it is currently the most common type of kidney cancer among adults. Kidney plays a very important role in the body; removal of body waste and body fluid balance regulation. RCC is a very common cancer and in most cases,can spread to other organs Read more

Kim Lowenthal — Forever in Our Hearts


Death can be cruel and they say, it is the worst reaper as it cannot tell the ripe from the unripe. It is with deep sorrow that I mourn the death of one of my best clients and long-time friend, Kim Lowenthal, who passed on in May 2016. Ours is a story of commitment, loyalty, professionalism, and mutual respect. We met a few years ago when he started his new Digital Marketing company in USA. For his clients he Read more

Google’s Treatment towards SEO in 2013 – Did it Help or Hurt?


With a number of threatening messages and updates by Google in the year 2013, it is hard to conclude whether Google had an intention to hurt search marketers. Has Google really learned anything from the actions in 2013? And most importantly, did search marketers learn anything from Google’s treatment last year?

This New Year, it is time to focus on evaluating improvements by Google and what might be coming this year based on the highly turbulent months Read more

Stitching Content Leads to Bad Quality Content, Says Cutts


Matt Cutts Google’s head of search spam, recently posted a video. It was based on “stitching content.”

What is stitching content?

The term is defined as the practice of taking snippets of content from different websites and pasting them on one’s own site, with citations.

So what’s bad about that?

According to Matt Cutts, stitching content is a bad technique as it usually leads to rankings in Google. Matt also clearly mentioned that Yahoo abhorred this technique Read more

Disavow Links to Recover from a Period of Link Spamming, Says Google’s Matt Cutts


Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam released new video wherein he answered a crucial and most frequented query, “how can a site recover from a period of spamming links?”

Here, Cutts quoted the instance of Google’s penalization of Interflora for buying links. The site was penalized for about 11 days. But the question remains how can a website with penalty retrieve rankings back in just 11-days?

Although Matt was unable to provide with a specific answer Read more