Why Targeting a Smartphone is a Smart Move and What You Will Need to Succeed in the Mobile World

Increasing Use of Smartphones

When personal computer came along, it changed the way we do business or look at information and entertainment, and when the Internet became the driving force, communication went up on all together a different level. It seemed that we have found a solution, after which nothing else is going to matter as much as it did. But there was a problem, one has to sit on the chair in front of his or her computer to put the new technology at work, so computer industry came up with a solution called laptop, one of which I am using to type out this blog post.

The technology was way beyond our understanding, and every fertile mind was trying to make sense of it. And it is precisely when someone in the telephone industry snatched the cable out from his telephone handset and threw it in the dustbin, and this was born mobile phone. It was done before as well, but the cordless was only half-way through where we are, and it was always limited by a distance of some meters, or kilometers if you cared to use those bulky Chinese cordless phones that worked in 4-5 kilometer radiuses (or as the users will claim).

Mobile has brought a communication revolution, now you can be in touch with everyone from anywhere on the planet, as long as your phone can reach the nearest tower, which by the way is present everywhere, these days.

The marriage of mobile and personal computer

Until the beginning of the twenty-first century, mobile and personal computer were two distinct technologies doing good in their domains, but then the singlehood of these two technology had to come to an end. For everyone’s benefit, a new device called “Smartphone” came into being, and was lapped by the users.

The marriage was a marriage of convenience, which was very much appreciated by the users, so much so that the new platform has taken over everything else. Now smartphone is the future.

The Future is here and now

Recently, Google has conducted a global survey for smartphone users in six different countries to find the acceptance level of the high-end phones. To no one’s surprise, the study found that there is a significant rise in the smart phone acceptance level, but what was slightly surprising is how people use the device.

The study found that users are increasingly using mobile to access web, and it will soon outpace web access through personal computers. If we add web access through tablet into this then the number of people accessing web through a mobile device will exceed those who use computers to access the web.

There, indeed, will be some overlapping in data, but still the number is huge. Not only that users have revealed, which can be seen in the image displayed below, that they use mobile phones even when they are doing other media.

Why it is important

As a business owner you need to know where your customers are, and what keep them engaged then only you can try to fit in their scheme of things. Not only that mobile is also critically important in search optimization, in getting found on the web.

Should Mobile SEO be the new mantra

If you want my word for it than definitely mobile SEO should be the way to go because by ranking for the key terms in your industry on mobile devices you will take control of your users who are constantly searching on the go, unlike search on the PC, for which one has to sit somewhere, and not only that people using mobile search gets very much influenced by the offline media – the messages they consume through TV, radio, billboards, print ads etc. The following charts from the study will reveal that.

What are the other benefits of using mobile

Mobile does not only affect the search ranking, but ranking on top in mobile search will also translate in better social equity (read equity on the social media) because people active on mobile is also very much active on the social media. These are the people who share the most and who have most number of fans. They are kind of influencers of the niche, if you please. The following image demonstrates the effect of mobile users on the social media.

By now it would be clear that the effect of smartphone is immense on the way people communicate, consume, and create media and messages. Mobile SEO is, therefore, terribly important for the success of your business in 2012 and beyond. There is no way to avoid it. In fact, these are the initial years, so the field is still open, and there are still opportunities to make it big in your industry. Are you game?

In the next article, I am going to talk about the nitty-gritty of mobile SEO in some details. Meanwhile, if you want to read or download the study titled Our Mobile Planet: Global Smartphone Users then click the link. Google conducted the study in association with Ipsos OTX Media CT.

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