Are Content and Design the Future of Web?

“The days of ugly-looking websites are numbered…”

“The websites with bad content has come to end of the burning rope…”

…Or so they would say….

But, before you take sides, pull your guns out and jump to any conclusion, I will ask you to step back and open a new tab and search for anything in Google. This will help you remove “point of view” from facts, and the stand then you will take would be more objective and closer to the true nature of the Internet of today and of years to come.

Things are not all same

The nature of free speech is such that it allows even goons to go on top of the highest building in their city and start shouting their heart out. The same thing is happening in the Internet marketing, and it is on you which point of view you choose. And as always your choice will decide if you will be successful or stand by the ring side applauding the winners and booing the losers.

For me, things have changed quite some time back, when Google has started purging bad content and badly designed website from its listing, and I believe I do not need to tell you what is the net effect of that action.

But then there are people who like ostrich have dug their heads in the sand and pretend nothing has happened, or rather, they have plugged their iPod/iPad and pretend all was just a careless ramblings of frustrated or prophetic minds.

What are the change agents

There are several small and big change agents, but two major change agents which have the maximum effect are Google Instant Preview and Google Panda Update. Let’s see what effects they brought and how they are changing the web.

Web should be visually pleasing

The heading speaks of what Google thinks of the web, and it cannot say it in clearer terms than including a preview feature in its search result. Google Instant Preview allows searchers to preview the search result before they actually visit the page. It helps them ascertain which link offers them the best content for the term they have searched.

How does it affect your website

There are two direct effect of this change:

  1. To rank higher, your website needs to be visually pleasing
  2. The use of keywords should be proper.

When someone sees the preview of the website, Google not only shows the person how the website looks, but in some cases, it also shows the context in which the searched term appears.

It means that a website that does not have a proper keyword usage will not succeed in getting a click-through, even when it ranks in Google, and it also means a website needs to be visually pleasing to motivate people to click on the listing.

A bad-looking website with a proper keyword usage will not get any benefit from ranking, which means you need to make a good-looking website as well create a context in which your desired keyword is used. And this cannot be accomplished by hiring a dime-a-dozen writer.

Talking of content, let’s move forward and see another major change Google has made to its algorithm to filter out websites with poor-quality content.

Write like a pro

This is precisely what Google wants website owners to be. The days of hiring content producing factories are numbered, as Google has started filtering out websites with bad content and too much ad in the above-the-fold region. According to Google, and you will also agree on this, both of these lead to a poor experience of the website.

Content is finally gaining its much-deserved position. This change will make it harder for spammer to outrank genuine websites and this is what Google wants to deliver to searchers. Till the time linking from any source was in fashion, spammers were killing the web by buying thousands and thousands of links from equally spammy websites.

By dropping bomb on link networks like BuildMyRank, Google has made its intention clear. Now the onus is on you.

You have to decide which side you want to be on. Do you still want to be on the side which believes in building thousands and thousands of links, producing websites in hundreds using same kind of themes, and spinning articles like crazy, or do you want to be on the other side which believe in creating high-quality website, building relevant links, and publishing high-quality articles?

The choice is yours, and what you chose from the two will define where you will rank on Google and how many high-converting traffic you will get to your website.

If you believe in the side I am on (creating high-quality website, building relevant links, and publishing high-quality articles) then contact us now and we will help you rank higher and get high-quality traffic.

As said, the onus is on you.

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