Penguin Joins the Party, Panda Got a Friend

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Website owners have hardly began to recover from the Panda attack and Google have dropped another bomb, and like any other attack many innocent people got affected by the recent attacks, which presumably was dropped in the bad neighborhood of the web. Google’s recent algorithm update, which goes by the name of Penguin update, has made it difficult for spammers to rank higher in the search result.

What is Penguin update

Penguin update is an algorithm update applied to all international data centers used by Google. The goal behind this update was to weed out spammy websites from its search result with a hope to provide a better search experience to its users.

Whom does penguin target?

Any website which tries to trick Google in giving it a good ranking was hit by Google Penguin Update. If you have been involved in any kind of spamming activities – cloaking, keyword-stuffing, spun content, and unnatural links – your website would have been hit by penguin.

I am pretty sure that you are not involved in keyword-stuffing, cloaking, and other similar nasty tricks, as you perceive them to be bad for your SEO health. But I am not all that sure about spun content and unnatural link building because these are things which your SEO guy, cheapjack for sure, have told you are legitimate way to rank higher in Google. And if you have read some SEO ebooks from writers of questionable reputations then you would be dead certain that spin content and link spamming are legit way to build ranking.

All those have been quashed by Google’s Penguin Update.

How you can recover from penguin

Recovering from penguin is not easy, as it is not a manual penalty levied by a human reviewer. It is an update to Google search algorithm, so the changes I am going to suggest will not bring your traffic back in one day.

Now as the disclaimer has been put out of the way, let’s move forward to see how you can improve your lost ranking because of penguin and how you can regain your lost traffic.

Check Google Webmaster Tools

The first thing you need to do is to go to log in to your Google Webmaster tools and see if there is any warning mails lying unopened. You may not find any such warning signs in there, but it is always best to see if something is lying there.

Check your content

Next step should be check your website for the quality of content and remove any content piece which is not original and high-quality. Websites with spun or poor-quality content are the worst hit by the recent changes by Google – be it Panda update or Penguin update.

Check your link profile

Once the above steps are taken and mistakes corrected, you should come with all your force to tackle the challenge posed by your own link building efforts of the previous years – yes, you guessed it write, accidentally you gave birth to a demon who has come back to haunt you.

Bad link neighborhood is the main enemy of Penguin. Since Google has busted the link networks was the precursor of this update, the search giant was preparing ground for Penguin to set foot. Now, as the Penguin is here, your goal should be to stop hanging out with baddies and break ties with them.

What kinds of links you should search for

In one sentence, links with exact match anchor texts from low-quality websites are the main target of the Penguin. If you have been involved in buying links with exact match anchor text then you should immediately stop wasting your marketing dollars, as you are not going to get any value from it. You should also stop indulging in comment spamming or Scrapebox blasting. These are known tricks of spammers, and now even Google bots knows that, so there is no hiding place. Another thing you need to do is dilute the exact match anchor texts you have used in the resource boxes in the article directory.

The list of possible bad links could be very big, and mentioning them in one article will make the article boring, and that is even not required. The goal of this article is to give you an idea of what bad links look like and what you should avoid to make your website Penguin-proof.

Alternative route

If you think Google Penguin Update has wrongly targeted you then you can raise your voice and make Google heard by filling out a feedback form.

“If you want to report spam that Google is missing, fill out a spam report and add the word penguin,” Matt Cutts, Google’s Distinguished Engineer who leads the web spam team, tweeted yesterday. “If you know a site affected by algo update that you don’t think should be affected, we made a form to provide feedback.”

But when doing so, you should keep in mind not to be hostile to Google because engineers on the other end would be receiving millions of hate mails as well as mails with allegations full of fowl language and they will simply mark you junk when they will see a foul language. Be polite and logical in your assertion and let Google see the light.

In case, you want us to review your website and suggest you corrective measures to minimize the damage done and to protect your website from future spam-busting attacks by Google then you can contact us now. We will deploy our best people to look after  your link profile and website content. Click here to contact us now.

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