Strategic marketing – consider a VA as a Powerful Marketing Weapon.

Small is always sweet. A professional Virtual Assistant can do wonders for you even if he is a jack of all trade. He can be your one-man marketing machine and an amazing time & money saver.

A VA who is an independent contractor can deliver as per your expectations. You can delegate several tasks to a team of virtual assistants who will handle all your sales promotion. Imagine a small team of four VA with good skills, working dedicatedly to boost your sales at a price of hiring one full time professional.

I am giving an example of my recent work done for a client in USA. I had my highest regard for that woman who hired me, because she knows how to move things in her own way. She had a complete 6 months plan in advance and she had successfully implemented it, just sitting at home. This was one of the finest and a memorable experience working with her.

I have hired an experienced .net programmer and a graphic designer for 2 months and created her online identity from scratch. We have discussed each aspect of functionality, usability, possible earning model, and many other things minutely. She had one content writer, who was experienced in writing for US audience, and I provided a local content writer who created general contents for her site. In less than two and half months she had a workable site with 700 pages of solid contents with complete marketing tools needed for promoting the products.

We are ready to go, all I need a caller, a support executive and a marketing assistant. We went through the complete marketing plan and results were highly encouraging. She has created an empire in just 6 months, building it gradually from scratch.

No wonders she created a winning strategy that works exactly the way she wants. 🙂

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