Talian Reloaded (SEO) – A premium blog theme AND it’s free!

I am delighted to announce the public release of my new wordpress blog theme “Talian Reloaded” ™ →→ a premium theme comes with several unique options that gives you a flawless blogging experience. Talian Reloaded is feature packed theme, available in 3 amazing color schemes, truly compatible with WordPress 2.6 & above and it’s available free for all bloggers!

New features includes →→ Mini Social Bookmaker, » Custom Sitemap, » Custom Archive page, » Customizable Blogroll Link Page and » several Custom CSS Classes for better typography and post styling options.

Apart from this we have added support to →→ Gravators, » Tags, » Widgets, » Custom page options, and » several other power packed features, which makes this theme a premium SEO theme. Please preview a → screenshot, detailed features list, Demo and download options below:

Live preview: Click below to see a live preview of Talian Reloaded.

1. Talian Reloaded Default (Green)
2. Talian Reloaded Red Theme.
3. Talian Reloaded SkyBlue Theme.

Download Themes: You can download all three colors of Talian reloaded below:

1. Download Talian Reloaded Default (Green)
2. Download Talian Reloaded Red Theme.
3. Download Talian Reloaded SkyBlue theme.

Features → Please review the feature list below:

  • Clean table-less design, compatible with latest version of WordPress 2.6.2
  • Widget ready sidebars, as well as easy to customize sidebars if you don’t use widgets.
  • Gravatar ready, will show custom avatars of visitors and users by default on every comments you have.
  • Custom Option Pages, create dynamic pages using page templates without any prior knowledge of HTML or Programming Languages.
  • Mini Social Tool, A social bookmarking tool that allows your vistors to bookmark your site or posts to important sites, e.g. Digg, Technorati, Stumbleupon and Delicious, no plugin required.
  • Advertisement Ready, add banners, adsense or affiliate links anywhere in your posts, sidebars, headers and pages.
  • SEO Ready, theme meets requirements of SEO without using any plugins.
  • Will display post snippets in category pages, archives pages, tag pages and others to prevent duplicate indexing as all pages are new and different. You may need to install All in one SEO Pack, if you maintain a 3 level Permalink structure.
  • Dynamically Create Sitemap and Archives Map, better for indexing your blog, Learn more about using page templates here.
  • Use Various post styling options to highlight your important texts in posts and pages. Click here to see them in action.
  • Add a custom blogroll page if you have a long list of blogroll links. Check the options for creating a custom link page here and preview an example page here.
  • Tested with several plugins, I will add a list of plugins and version compatibility to Talian Support.
  • Changable header banners, you can change banners as you like. Read more at Talian Support.
  • Support to talian. I have started a Talian support section for this theme where I will personally tell you all about talian and help you setting up your dream blog.

We have added several other features to Talian which makes it different and unique. You may contact me directly if you need any help setting up your blog. Still if you need a custom theme, please visit our wordpress blog theme shop and let us know the packages you are interested in.

Wish you all the success with your blog!

  1. I’ve been looking for simple, clean, SEO-friendly theme for my blog. I need to make over it’s already 2 years theme in use.

    Thanks for great looking and SEO-friendly theme for free. I’ll play around before I decide to upgrade to your premium themes.

    Dinar Emas

  2. The Talian wordpress theme is one of the best I have ever seen on the internet and here i am with You getting it on a platter of gold, thanks a million !

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  4. Really enjoy this theme however I’ve made a fair number of changes to the first version. Would they be wiped out with the new download?

  5. Great theme! I like the fact that the background is white plus the header is not bulky.
    Often, those WP themes are over-designed, use lots of black and bloated headers. Such themes look un-professional.

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  7. This is a beautiful theme. It has a very clean interface. Lots of great features, too, but features mean nothing to me if the layout is crappy. Yours is certainly not crappy.

    Good job guys!

  8. Fantastic news. I love this theme. I hacked it a little to adjust the colors and I love the new look you’ve given it as well as the improvements I see when using IE. Keep up the great work.

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  12. This is such good news! I love the Talian theme… and it comes in at the perfect moment as I am just preparing to update my wordpress. Can’ wait to download Talian… Thanks a million for building one of the finest themes out there! PJ.

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