How to Use Google’s Disavow Links Tool to Improve Link Profile of Your Website

Since Penguin Update, Google is going hard on websites that have spa**mmy link profile; from sending mild warning to dropping the listing to blacklisting websites, the search giant is doing everything to keep its SERP clean thus improving the searchers’ experience.

And it is not only the websites which has indulged actively in building spammy links which was or which will get affected by Google’s algorithm updates, but all the websites that has over-optimized for search ranking will see some decline in the ranking, if not now then sometime in the future. So it is important for a website to work on improving the link profile.

Earlier, it was not possible to do so with any degree of accuracy, as any effort would have at best translated into a blind targeting. But things have changed since Google has offered this new tool Google Disavow Link Tool, which you can see in your Google Webmaster Tools Dashboard.

Who needs to use the tool?

At the moment, not every website needs to use this tool, but keeping the future algorithm updates in mind, it is important that you do a link profile audit for your website and remove spammy-looking links from your link profile.

For now, any website which has been served a warning from Google about “unnatural link” needs to actively use this tool to fix things up.

Who else need to use this?

As stated above, any business owner who wants to make its link profile future-proof should use this tool and remove junk from the profile. People whose websites were affected by Penguin Update should also use this tool.

How this tool helps?

Upon getting an unnatural link warning from Google, panic-stricken webmasters work towards improving the link profile of their websites by eliminating the links they think as spammy or of poor quality, but many a times, it is not possible to remove all the links. It is here that this tool features in.

How to use this tool?

When you find links pointing to your website which could be spammy, but you cannot do anything about it, you should go to Disavow Link page in your Google Webmasters Tool. The opening screen will look like the one below:

From the drop-down menu on the page, choose the website for which you want to disavow links then click on Disavow Links button which will prompt you to upload a file containing links that you want to be removed from your link profile.

For this, you will need to create a text file of all the links that you want to remove. You need to keep one linking domain in one line. You can also include comments in the text file, but a comment line should begin with pound sign (#). You can upload a text file of up to 2MB in the tool. At present, Google only support one such text file per website.

By introducing this tool, Google has proved once more that backlinks are important for SEO and for Google to decide on the quality of the website, but now for Google, every link does not hold equal value. Thanks to algorithm updates, it recognizes now that some links are valuable, while, a lot others are out and out junk, which website owners procure to game the system.

Google’s Disavow Links tool is an opportunity provided by Google to help you get out of the bad neighborhood and improve your business by removing junk from your link profile thus improving search ranking.

Although Google has provided this tool, there is a lot of work involved in doing the link profile audit and getting rid of all the junk links. If you need help of an expert assistant to do link profile auditing for you and remove junk links then Contact Us Now!

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