How A Virtual Dedicated Team Helps Small Business Compete With Big Fishes?

On the one hand, the Internet provided everyone an opportunity to test one’s entrepreneurial skills and launch into a business venture, while on the other hand it has made the same opportunity available for big giants, which makes the competitive water bloody red. The Internet is a mixed blessing, but thankfully there is a way to maximize on the advantage the medium offers and minimize the threat, which I shall discuss in the paragraphs below. But before we get to that, let’ analyze the strength of a big business vis-à-vis strength of a small business.

What’s their strength?

A giant in any industry solely compete on the basis of its muscle power. The unfathomable depth of human resources, at least it appears so to a small business owner, along with a big think tank to anticipate any future problem or opportunity and prepare a plan of action to counter that makes a giant in an industry a formidable competitor for a small business. When it comes to cutthroat competition, a giant can go very deep in pricing its product for a short-term period. This may lead to loss for the giant, but it knows that it is only short-term until the small player, who because of unavailability of a huge resource pool, goes out of business.

What’s your strength?

A big company may have a huge talent pool and endless pool of resources to draw from, when seen from your (small business) perspective, but it does not have capability to innovate as readily as you have. It lacks agility and the response time is often very long. In this context, it has been rightly said that elephant can’t dance. Your strength lies in the swiftness of response, ability to offer innovative solutions to the problem faced by people in your industry. And your business is so flexible that it can change course long before a big company cares to take notice of the situation. But despite this a small business faces some threats from giants which it needs to neutralize to compete against it.

How will you compete against them?

An area in which a small business trails significantly against a big business is the availability of resources. At this point, we need to accept the fact that there isn’t a way to neutralize resource advantage in all departments, but you can easily maximize the use of the resources you have. By doing this you will be able to narrow the competitive gap and acquire a bigger share of the pie. This you can do by outsourcing some parts of your business to a virtual assistant. By outsourcing your noncore activities, you will not only be able to cut down on fixed cost like offering high salary to employees, but you will also be able to focus on your core area, which will make your attack more focused, and it will, thus, bear more fruits.

What A Virtual Assistant can do?

In theory, a virtual assistant can do anything for which it does not require the physical presence of an employee in the office – from customer service, SKU management, data entry, marketing activities, accounting, sales tracking, lead generation, social media marketing, content marketing, SEO, PPC, website creation, office management, back-office work, employee management, marketing collateral designing, newsletter creation, to whatnot.

In practice, a virtual assistant will do what is needed to help you attain your business goal, and the kind of expertise it has. A virtual assistant is not a cure for all problems; he can only help you in the area or areas of his expertise. You, therefore, need to decide beforehand what you need to accomplish and what skills a virtual assistant needs to possess in order to help you.

What A Virtual Assistant brings to your business?

Apart from helping your business free some resources to deploy on core activities that will lead to a bigger share of the pie, a virtual assistant also brings a gush of fresh thinking to your business. You will accept that no matter how many years you have spent in your business, you do not posses knowledge of everything that is there to know about your industry. It is, for that reason, required to have a second opinion.

A virtual assistant, who may come from a different background, may give you some rare insight about your business, or at least about the aspect of business he or she is handling for you. He or she will also give you an outside perspective to your enterprise, which is often require to pull your business through and place it on the top.

How to go about hiring a virtual assistant?

Hiring a virtual assistant is one of the wisest decisions you will take for your business, but the process of hiring is not spotless. There are many hiccups on the way. You may not find a good one and end up getting a shoddy person, which will not only mar any prospect of growth, but it will also sour your experience of virtual assistants in such a manner that it will leave a bad taste in your mouth following which you will refrain from hiring another one in future, hence, depriving your business of the potent tool of business expansion.

In stead, of going for any Tom, Dick, and Joe to assist you in your business, you should look for a reliable source for the same. We have been in the business of supplying virtual assistants to our clients for many years. We have a huge pool of trustworthy virtual assistants which have successfully served our client. If you need to hire a reliable virtual assistant for your business than Contact Us NOW!

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