Starting A New E-commerce Website? Hire Virtual Assistants for Data Entry and Save Time

Data entry for shopping sites

Starting something new is always exciting. The thrill of getting your baby (read project) off the ground is ecstatic, and like other entrepreneurs you might have started seeing the bright future, or in fact, experiencing it in full 16-million 24-bit color, which is a good sign, as future is only realized if it is dreamt of. But there is a slight difference in what you see and what might happen because when envisaging the future, you tend to avoid details. And the devil lies in the details.

To be successful in your venture, you need to demonstrate meticulousness in your approach and choose things which you must do to achieve the desired result and separate them from things which needs to be done, but not by you. This will help you judiciously deploy your resources, which is a required step in taking your ecommerce website to the height you always promised yourself to.

One of the major works that involves, and which bog down many entrepreneurs, is the amount data entry he or she needs to do in order to put every important details of a product online before going live. Data entry job for one product can be manageable, but when it comes to doing the same repetitive tasks for many products, the entrepreneur gets lost in the maze and his sense of future and nerve to spot the insight goes out of the window in a toss. This has killed many entrepreneurial spirits, and should you not wish to suffer the same fate, you need to outsource the data entry work to specialists.

Why hire virtual assistants for data entry job?

The above paragraphs might have made you think that it is fine to outsource your data entry job to people whose main business is performing that task and thus free yourself from the work and focus on things which are more important, but why should you hire a virtual assistant (or virtual assistants, in case the work volume is huge), and not simply go with any offshore person who like to insource such works?

There are many things that could be said in this regard, which I will talk about in the process of describing the term, but all of them could be connected to the key term called Quality. Let’s add one more term to it: Professionalism.

If you have used any freelance employee before than you will notice a sea change in the experience that you will have when you hire a dedicated virtual assistant for the data entry job. For one thing, virtual assistants are professional who live off their ability to put his skill for the use cashing in on the opportunity provided by the interconnectivity of the world through the Internet.

You cannot expect the same degree of professionalism from college rookie, who make the majority of freelance workforce (particularly in data entry realm), that do some freelance work to pay for his booze or to get some extra buck in his pocket. Dedicated virtual assistants outweigh data entry freelancers on this scale.

Another important differentiator between freelancers and virtual assistants is the speed of data entry. They understand that you have a business to run and you cannot waste your resources, so they try to keep up with the standard set by industry. It holds true for accuracy as well. Speed alone in this regard is useless measure if the accuracy is lacking. Hence you need to check both speed and accuracy of data entry job before hiring a team for your work, and what could be a better way to do that if not handing over a small test project?

And there is obviously a question of guarantee (as in how do you know your work will be delivered on time and you project will not made to suffer). With freelancer, there is not any way to guarantee this, but as virtual assistants are often hired through a dedicated agency (such as VA4Business), the surety of getting the work on time is there.

When you hire a virtual assistant or a team of virtual assistants through an agency, you shift the burden of timely delivery of the work to that agency. You also make it accountable for the quality of the work produced. And the agency takes responsibility of the speed and accuracy of the data entry job. Unlike hiring a freelancer to do this job and take all the stress involved in getting the job done by a freelancer, hiring virtual assistants through a dedicated agency is stress-free. All you need to do is ask for weekly or fortnightly report and oversee the progress. Rest will be done by the agency.


It is important for your business to hire dedicated virtual staff to stretch the value of every dollar you invest, and when it comes to data entry, nothing comes closer to hiring virtual assistant through agency with a good track record in the field.

If you want a team of trained and professional virtual assistants to help you finish the data entry job of your “soon to be launched” ecommerce website than feel free to contact us. We have helped many clients rear up their ecommerce websites on time.

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