Creative SEO – Don’t Play by Rules. Rules Are Fluid

Creative SEO

Follow what you mamma says and you will be a good boy.

This piece of advice sounds so cool and so sound. It appears that following your mamma’s words will make you sail through the words. This might be true for a 5-year old, but as we all know, just following your mamma’s word will take you so far in the world of grown ups. You need to think for yourself.

And it is not much different for SEO. It is only that you mamma does not tell you what to do (for she might be knowing little about SEO) in SEO, it is the rules, which has been laid down by some self=professed, self- glorified, god-knows-whos of the world. This Google proves wrong multiple times a year with the updates it releases.

SEO Rules are Fluid. Don’t Play by Rules!

It is not a game of soccer or cricket (my favorite) that you are playing where following rules is important to remain in the game. Sport is not an apt analogy to describe the practice and process of SEO. So there is no fix set of rules that governs it.

Then what to do?

The real question should have been how to play to win, which is more specific than what to do. The first thing you need to keep out of your mind is there is any Orwellian Big Brother watching every move and will penalize you with death penalty (in this case) delisting for every mistake you commit. This will help you experiment with search optimization, broaden your horizon, and think out of the box.

What are the basics of creative SEO

Let’s put one thing straight before we begin. When I say do not follow the rules, I do not mean content is useless and backlinks are futile. Far from it. All I mean is use your imagination and creativity to get out of SEO rut and think creatively about these two important aspects of SEO.

For example, on the content side there had been innovations like infographic, which harnesses the benefit of visual aspects of an image and information relaying capacity of content. In the past there had been similar innovation, like using social signals for links, etc.

You may be convinced by the above paragraph that thinking out of the box is important, but how often one can go that far. Admittedly, the above examples are way out of the box and it is not possible to go that far every time you step out of the Matrix.

Do you remember the film in which there are two categories of people who spent their lives out of the box? One who went far beyond and started to fight the battle against machines and thus broadening the horizon, and then there were those who just went so far beyond to reclaim their life.

In the SEO life, you need to do the same. You may not be able to be Neo or Morpheus, but you can be the one who walk on the path set by them or create small diversions along the way to see beyond what is possible.

How you can be creative in SEO

There is no simple way to train anyone in creativity and creative thinking. If it were that easy, our machines would have possessed Artificial Intelligence. But that does not mean that you cannot explore or fine-tune your creative ability. You just need to give it a fertile ground to grow. In this regard, you can do the following:

  1. Read as many high-quality SEO blogs that you can without making you unable to work.
  2. Read about development in consumer technology that might affect people’s lives (remember how Social media, tablets, smartphone, etc. changed the way people surf web and how it subsequently affected SEO).
  3. To be better at writing, read good fiction as well as non-fiction books outside the field of marketing.
  4. Read about development in marketing.
  5. Follow the development in neuro-marketing to understand how mind works. It is mind which you want to influence, at the end of the day.
  6. Learn about consumer behavior.
  7. Focus your attention on studies pertaining to digital marketing.
  8. Watch good movies. It will help you build drama in your content, and if you prefer comedy then it will tell you how to engage your customers by making them laugh.
  9. Follow blogs of all major search engines.
  10. See the best practices videos and read articles describing the best practices of SEO.
  11. Read case studies.
  12. 12.  And most importantly, test it! Do not be afraid of failing

There are many things that you can do to train your brain to think out of the box and be creative in the SEO pursuit. The tips shared above are nothing but a mere shiny tip of gigantic iceberg that lies beneath the tranquil water of SEO. You need to explore them, but with an objective to apply them to your field of search optimization.  Mere munching information will not do.

People have changed. Web ahs changed. So has SEO. If you need to make the most of it, you will require using Creative SEO process.

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