Getting A Right Designer Virtual Assistant-The Hiring Process


The rise of the business demand in the internet makes hundreds of virtual assistants available for hire. They are workers intended for small businesses, online ventures, or other people who need someone who could help them in their task or anything they desire to do. Typically, virtual assistants are perfect for busy persons with lots of work to attend to. Anybody could be a VA whether you are a working mom, a college student, and a retiree-anybody ready to take the job.

Getting the right virtual assistant can definitely change the way your business operates and you can enjoy its benefits in saving time and in the financial aspect as well. Not only in customer service, but also in creative design. Here are points to remember when hiring expert designer virtual assistant.

High Quality Skill

Hiring virtual assistants is very common online and sometimes, it’s hard to determine whether that person is capable and possesses the skills that you are looking for since you can’t meet for a face to face chat. It is better to take time through the interviewing process before hiring a VA that could be your long time partner in your business. In order to achieve your goal, you need to identify the tasks that you want finished and look for virtual assistant who can perform them not only well, but independently. A high quality profile could be a great help in choosing the right designer virtual assistant. You must ask for samples of the previous work and creative designs such as brochures, websites, catalogues, flyers, stationary, and many others. It is very important to hire high quality VA’s if you are to get high quality output.

Take Time to Interview

During the recruitment process, it is highly recommended that you interview a person through video conference such as Skype. This is mainly because you get to know the sincerity and capabilities of a person by talking in front of the camera. For the VAs who residing in your locality, it is better to meet them in person, know each other and share the kind of work that you are seeking to hire them for. Through this, you will know right away if the person you are targeting can handle the task competently or not. High quality designers VAs are hard to find especially when you don’t know where to find them. You may ask some of your friends who know someone suited for the position, if they have any recommendation for VA it is still crucial that you take them through the interviewing process to ascertain their levels of competency and whether they fit your expectations or not.

High Profile Background

It has always been said, “Many are called, but few are chosen”. Many business entrepreneurs use online forums and VA Networking in finding the best designer virtual assistant. You will see lots of qualified candidates and all you need to do is filter them through a series of tests and other examinations for you to be satisfied about their capabilities. You may also browse LinkedIn virtual assistant groups and look for someone who possesses positive reviews from clients and has exceptional background in the field of design or marketing. It is very important that you know how to smell good quality VAs against the rotten ones. There are some who are trying to deceive clients by displaying high quality background, but in the end, they fail to meet the standards of their clients.

Making the Right Decision

Hiring a designer virtual assistant is a good decision to make because you will not just save money and time, but you are guaranteed of high quality output. It is very useful in the sense of sales marketing and advertising. Graphic design VAs are bound to create eye catching websites, logos, brochures, flyers, and other creative works that you need in elevating your business to the next levels of competence. Today’s world is highly competitive and you need to prepare and produce highly competitive stuff that will match the demand of the business market especially in the field of graphic designs so get the best VAs for your team.

Level of Education

You need to hire a college trained VA as opposed to some with no clear educational background. Remember, education and experience are very important in any personnel hiring process and if you get it right, you will have an easy time working.

Other considerations include communication skills, and some personal attributes. Also think about availability and the volume of work you intend to cover. Think long term when hiring; find someone ready to commit a long term working relationship as opposed to the fly-by night so-called experts.

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