Important Lessons From The World’s Best Salespeople

Top salespeople are some of the highest paid professionals on the planet today. They can work almost anywhere and create the most lucrative conditions for them. The truth is that everyone needs to be a sales person to have a successful life. Top salespeople have a positive, can-do, winning attitude. They possess dynamic energy and have the ability to stand out from the crowd.

Top salespeople develop and nurture customer relationships; they are complete professionals with complete integrity and have great work ethic. They are team players and help to build strong professional relationships with their co-workers. They are great communicators and also genuine, open and honest (yes, they are honest). Top salespeople are leaders and help other sales people to be successful. They are much focused and constantly look for ways to improve, add and build upon every tool in their selling arsenal. It is rightly said by someone, “Master the art of the sale and you will master the art of life”.

Everyone can learn something or the other from the following world’s best salespeople;

John Henry Patterson: Proper Vision And Right Strategy Ultimately Leads To Success.

John Henry Patterson - National-Cash-Register-NCR

John Henry Patterson, the founder and CEO of the National Cash Register was once a farmer who used to work in his father’s farms and also collected tolls and ran a coal yard with his two brothers. He had a big vision to become an entrepreneur someday. He was the first entrepreneur who organized sales training programs for the company employees and provided his sales team with a script and asked them to follow the instructions given in the script. He introduced sales cycle as a four stage process which includes initial approach, the proposition, the product description and finally closing the deal.

Lesson; have a clear vision and follow proper strategic plan to become successful sales person like John Henry Patterson.

David Ogilvy: Creativity And Uniqueness Is The Key To Success


David Ogilvy is often known as the, “the father of Advertising”. He is also considered as one of the dominant thinkers in the advertising industry. He began his career as a salesperson selling cooking stoves from door to door. He became very successful in selling cooking stoves and was asked to write an instruction manual for the other sales team members. Today, his advertising agency has done successful iconic campaigns for big names such as Hathaway, Dove, Rolls Royce, Schweppes and many more.

Lesson:  Be creative and original and never get bored by sales to become a successful sales person like David Ogilvy.

Mary Kay Ash: Leadership And Unique Marketing Strategies Leads To Success


Mary Kay Ash was the first successful saleswoman who started the idea of multi-level marketing through friends and acquaintances. She is the owner of Mary Kay Cosmetics which sells their products through friends and acquaintances also called direct marketing and is widely respected all over the world. She created a marketing plan which helped other women successful and also independent. Her slogan was God first, family second and career third. This enabled women to have a good and balanced life. Mary Kay has been honored as a leading women entrepreneur in American history. She advocated women power and leadership qualities to become successful salesperson in life.

Lesson: It is all about balancing major aspects of life to succeed in your endeavors. Sometimes, you have to get out of the way to hit targets.

Joe Girard: Positive And Winning Attitude Helps To Become Successful


Joe Girard is known as the greatest car salesperson in America history and has been recognized as the world’s greatest salesman by Guinness Book of World Records. A school dropout, he worked as newsboy for Detroit Free Press, a dishwasher, delivery boy and even a building contractor! He has sold a car on the very first day of his recruitment. He is one of America’s most sought after speakers. He holds the record of selling 13,001 cars at a Chevrolet dealership and even sold 18 cars in one single day. His simple philosophy is the more you meet people the more you can sell in a day.

Lesson: Joe Girard believes being positive and having winning attitude is the key to successful salesmanship.

Erica Feidner: Proper Product Knowledge And Customer Satisfaction Leads To Success.


Erica Feidner is also known as the, “Piano Matchmaker” with the record of having earned more than $40 million dollars from selling pianos, each costing anywhere from $2000 to $152000.She helps the client understand the differences in various sounds and touch, which is ideal when searching for the best piano. She skillfully focuses on matching the personality of the buyer to the right piano. Her simple philosophy is to learn first and then sell.

Lesson: Thorough knowledge of the product is very important in sales. Understanding the customer’s needs and accordingly selling the product to the customer is the best way to make it in sales.


With the above examples, it is evident that; to become a successful salesperson one needs to have a winning attitude, proper knowledge of the product, sincere interest, creativity and a burning desire to succeed. With these elements, anyone can succeed in sales.

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