Anglo Rank is Google’s New Target!


Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam, recently confirmed about Anglo Rank being the new target of Google on Twitter. According to Cutts, Google has targeted another “private link network” named Anglo Rank.

In a direct message, Matt’s tweeted, “There are absolutely NO footprints linking the websites together” Oh, Anglo Rank.


This is a quote coming straight from marketing material of Anglo Rank. Cutts has recommended that Google can easily spot sites in the network.

In a reply to Cutts’ tweet, Search Engine Land’s editor-in-chief Matt McGee also tweeted a suggestion. Here, McGee said that those within the network can easily realize that it was “torched.”

Cutts also responded to the suggestion by McGee. In a prompt reply, he mentioned that it is likely for messages can take a few days to appear in [Google Webmaster Tools] and therefore, it is not really possible to determine the precise timing of when to post.

To be precise, Cutts confirmed that penalization of Anglo Rank by Google. He also mentioned that those involved with it were receiving penalty notifications. Cutts took the decision to go public about this with a formal tweet once these started to show up in Google Webmaster Tools. It has been more than a year that Google is chasing link networks at an impressive space.

Listed below are some reports on stories on the same for over a year or so:

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Cutts also mentioned that there were many other links apart from Anglo Rank targeted by Google. In a response to one of the queries Cutts said that “Google has been rolling up a few link networks in this specific target.”

So now, if you receive a message in Google Webmaster Tools about paid links, it may be connected to this update.

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