Stitching Content Leads to Bad Quality Content, Says Cutts


Matt Cutts Google’s head of search spam, recently posted a video. It was based on “stitching content.”

What is stitching content?

The term is defined as the practice of taking snippets of content from different websites and pasting them on one’s own site, with citations.

So what’s bad about that?

According to Matt Cutts, stitching content is a bad technique as it usually leads to rankings in Google. Matt also clearly mentioned that Yahoo abhorred this technique and considered it a “spam”.

Is it a good practice to combine small portions of content from other sites?

Since taking quotes from someone else’s website is certainly not counted as a lot of added value, Google will keep from ranking the website well.

When compared to a technique called ‘synthesizing content’ practiced by Wikipedia often, stitching content was considered a bad idea. Wikipedia usually summarizes the content and source the websites they obtain info from. However, the content itself on Wikipedia is time and again exclusively written and briefed with sources.

On the other hand, simply quoting a bunch of sentences from third party sites without making it unique or adding value to it is considered bad. This will never lead to decent rankings by Google.

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