Kim Lowenthal — Forever in Our Hearts


Death can be cruel and they say, it is the worst reaper as it cannot tell the ripe from the unripe. It is with deep sorrow that I mourn the death of one of my best clients and long-time friend, Kim Lowenthal, who passed on in May 2016. Ours is a story of commitment, loyalty, professionalism, and mutual respect. We met a few years ago when he started his new Digital Marketing company in USA. For his clients he needed several website for his business designed as well as other internet marketing services I offer. When I delivered my first project, it didn’t cross my mind that he will be awed by the work and turn out to be one of my longest and best clients. We have worked together on over 40 projects which are one of the best experience for me and my team.

Memorable Skype Calls

It is rare to find clients and their contractors lasting a couple of months. It is even rare to become friends because some assume that it is not good for business. Kim taught me that the best way to keep and sustain a working relationship is through friendship. He was always cheerful and would ensure that you ended that Skype call with a smile on your face. You definitely wouldn’t want to disappoint such an awesome human being, not an inch.

I didn’t know most of his colleagues or friends but upon his death, I have learnt that he indeed had a big heart. He was the type who would make his presence felt anytime he was in the office. It is rare to find a client who tries to teach you what you believe you are best, isn’t that why you are being paid in the first place? He would raise concerns and ask why X is being used instead of Y and proceed to give solid reasons why Y is actually a better option compared to X. Initially, I used to find it difficult to openly accept his ideas but deep down in my mind knew that he was right. Yes, he was that smart and cheerful; I don’t remember him mad or sad.

A Professional Who Cherished Family

He touched many lives, and he loved family. Yes, he leaves behind a wife Cheryl and Jacob, the son. He was a special human being who believed in business etiquette. He taught me business strategies, especially marketing of my services. His inquisitiveness made him learn about my business model, enabling him share awesome insights on how to attract and retain the best clients because they hold any organization together.

Kim’s dedication to business was next to none, especially his clients. He would shoot me an email early in the morning and ask me to do something because a client needed it. He always emphasized the need to make clients happy at all times. I am not sure if I made him happy, but all I tried to do was to ensure that I never compromised on the quality of work I did for a friend and later a business mentor.

Business Mentor Gone Too Soon

Today, I can attribute a huge chunk of my success to Kim. He has referred many clients to my business over the years; I never take it for granted. It is unfortunate I couldn’t make it to his funeral because I was diagnosed with cancer and been undergoing treatment for months. Though I am now well, I still feel that I owe him a friendly and decent sendoff.

Today I celebrate a friend and mentor. I have grown professionally under his watch. I have benefited immensely because of his generosity. He has taught me how to run a successful business and the best gift I can give my departed friend is to stick to his lessons and guidance. Death might have stolen you from me and many other loved ones, but your legacy still lives. May your soul forever rest in eternal peace friend.

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