Back to Work!


The Cancer Shock

It has been a while ever since I last posted on this blog. I have received numerous emails and telephone calls from my happy clients and friends wondering where I disappeared to. To those who managed to get in touch during my absence, you already know the reason for my absence; I was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma, also known by most people as simply, renal cell cancer or kidney cancer. Yeah, I know the cancer subject is not one of the most interesting ones because it gets everyone worried, but the good news is that; I am fully healed now, and back to normal.

The fact is that, it is not easy being diagnosed with a condition that you have never imagined you can be a victim. My reaction was normal; panic followed by acceptance and then decision to defeat this monster that claims more lives than any other known disease in the world. The doctors in India are simply awesome; they saved my life.

Better Things to Come

It has now been a few months ever since I was declared cancer-free, but had to take a few months from active duty to relax, try to regain my strength and bond with my family and friends. All the worries and fears are now behind me and I am ready to take my business to a new level. Clients, both new and old should expect better services from now henceforth. One thing about being sick is that, you may not have time for energy-involving tasks, but at least you can read. So, I have been reading and strategizing on how to serve my clients better. As a result, I am currently restructuring the site with a whole lot of fresh services to meet the current dynamic markets.

I am also hunting for fresh and more experienced professionals capable of delivering superior quality work to my clients so that, in case anything was to happen to me (I believe nothing will), work will go on. My apologies for any inconvenience caused to my lovely clients during my absence; trust me, it won’t happen again. With a better qualified staff managing your work, you can sleep easy, assured that the quality of work we deliver as a team will always be exceptional.

Fresh Services

I have also invested in state of the art technology tie-ups such as on the cards to enhance new services such as Mobile app development, IOT, Big Data and Python. My regular services and primary areas of specialization such as WordPress, Graphic design, Copywriting, Internet Marketing and SEO, among others will be enhanced to guarantee all clients utmost satisfaction. You come first, and I know the technology world is vibrant; we strive to remain ahead in the ever-changing world.

Molding Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

I have been in this industry for long, and I know there are many other awesome ideas from smart entrepreneurs in India and elsewhere. However, their main stumbling between these life-changing ideas and their realization is lack of funds. Many start-ups collapse not because they are wrong, but because they lack enough seed capital. It is for this reason that I will be including a brand new section dedicated to mobilizing seed funding for qualified start-ups. Investors will use this platform to be part of upcoming technologies aimed at changing how people live and operate.

I have been through a lot. This company has grown steadily over the years, and I still remain committed to ensuring that every service we offer is tailor-made to solving specific client-problems. We don’t believe in one-fit-all approach; all services are tailor-made as we endeavor to understand our clients’ expectations. I will dedicate all my energy in delivering the best solutions at pocket-friendly rates. You are our partners, and we are proud to be associated with you.

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