How Internet of Things Is Shaping How Things Are Done in The World

IOT - Internet of Things

Automation is the new buzz word in town; everyone is trying to automate operations and change how things are done across the globe. Internet of Things, abbreviate IoT involves connecting your devices to applications and machines for enhanced efficiency. How is this even possible? The future of communication can be said to be machine-interconnected because IoT is developed on networksensors that gather data and cloud computing for virtual and instant connection. It is all about smart living and working.

How Powerful Is IoT

IoT is increasingly gaining popularity from consumers, businesses and government due to its capability to transform lives through device control and homogenize network electronics. It has a huge potential of driving efficiency and opening up new opportunities for businesses. With IoT, knowing when things work or not will now be simplified.

Internet of Things has been a hot topic for years, but the most common queries revolve around whether it is real and if there are any benefits. The fact is, it is real and with technology, you never know what will be introduced the following hour. The main benefits such as better productivity and competitive edge are very important for organizations seeking to streamline their operations. Forward-thinking companies will be able to make good use of their assets and business infrastructure inventively, introduce fresh services and create fresh revenue streams. This is why smart companies are seriously considering mechanisms of leveraging data from non-conventional sources with bespoke technology for better competitiveness.

Main Benefits of IoT to Organizations

Operational Efficiencies: Organizations flourish because they have streamlined their operations. With IoT utilizing real-time data gathered from sensors to closely track and improve efficiency of processes, lower human intervention and reduce costs of energy, businesses can save large sums of money. Collected data can be used to reduce possible downtimes because of system maintenance, marketing time and inventory.

Enhanced Safety and Security: The main concern by most people has been security of their data, especially in the cloud. However, there is a big deal of workplace safety that should be dealt with, and that is when IoT comes in. Save for speeding up operations and properly coordinating different teams, workplace safety and physical threats at the workplace can be thwarted via video cameras and sensors monitoring equipment.

Better Decision Making: Good decision making is what drives successful businesses; one bad move and you are down the drain. IoT can utilize real-time operations insights to reach smart and viable business decisions so as to lower costs of operations. It helps effectively prioritize important business decisions.

Cost Benefits: With enhanced process efficiencies, better productivity and proper utilization of company assets, you stand to enjoy an array of cost benefits.


Internet of Things and Product Lifecycle Management

There is need to change product lifecycle management as well as the technology so as to enable seamless flow of information from when the product is conceived all the way to the end. Software-controlled products complete with sensors connected to the internet is the way to go. We expect more electrical and electronic, mechanical and software systems to be interconnected to offer new opportunities and transform current business models. Manufacturers stand to enjoy better design, development and manufacturing of new products. It will be easier to track and enhance products all through their lifecycle and properly manage assets.

Better Product Designs, Enhanced Customer Experience

With automated production, expect superior quality products in the market anytime soon. With IoT, sensors connected to product components are capable of delivering comprehensive information regarding the product performance in real-life. It will be easier for makers of machinery such as cars, aircrafts, train engines and any other machinery to establish important information such as their performance, durability and important values.

It will become easier to track products during any phase of their lifecycle. This means that the manufacturer can with ease notice issues in their design, components, usage and materials used. Customer-centered manufacturing leads to better satisfaction. Product enhancement is also much easier if you know your customer expectations. Value delivery to customers is key and there is no better way to realize that than through Internet of Things. It is time that organizations started thinking ahead of time and invest in technologies that will change how things are done. Time is ripe!


The growth of Internet of Things is unlikely to slow down because the desire to interconnect the world is unstoppable. It is estimated that by 2020, more than 30 billion tablets, computers, phones and other connected devices will be in use. The digital revolution is on course and is a reality that only requires proper digital leadership. The need to integrate conventional infrastructure with fresh intelligent assets is now live like never before. Doing this will enable businesses pay close attention to how intelligent remote assets are managed, controlled or monitored. This way, they will enjoy better efficiency and more profitability.

IOT Infographics:

Here are few fantastic infographic made by The Chartered Institute of IT (Registered name of British Computer Society) & Beecham Research (Boston / London) for our readers.

It is estimated that over 50 billion devices will connected to internet.

It is estimated that over 50 billion devices will connected to internet.

M2M Connected Services: View this infographic to learn more on How. recent machine to machine communication has changed into a system of networks that transmits data to personal appliances. The expansion of IP networks around the world has made machine to machine communication quicker and easier while using less power. These networks also allow new business opportunities for consumers and suppliers.



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