Speed Up Your Data Analytics


[Main Reasons Why Data Analytic is the Way to Go]

Analytic have changed how people run their businesses because decisions are based on facts as opposed to the trial and error approach. It’s now simpler to know your current and potential customers and how they relate to your product offerings.It can be complex in most cases, but you can speed up your site’s analysis if you have the right expertise, appropriate strategy in place and use the right tools.

Get the Right Tool for Analytic

With the demand for web analytic rising daily, software developers have come up with an array of analytic tools whose choice depends on the size of the company and the intricacy of data to be analyzed. They are perfect for both quantitative and qualitative analysis. Some of the most important site data you should pay close attention to include page views, traffic, duration on site per visitor, among others because this is what is going to inform your decisions. Here are some factors that define a good analytic tool;

  • Precise and faster data analysis capabilities.
  • Restructured with the most recent technology.
  • Able to offer quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Flexibility; should be customizable to suit various needs

To collect and analyze intricate data for big businesses, you require a robust analytic tool. But for small and medium-sized firms, researchers make use of available free tools for data analysis, visualization and presentation;

Free Tools for Aspiring Researchers, Bloggers & Publishers

Tableau Public

Tableau Public is a great tool to present data visualization for bloggers, journalists, sports fans and others. Publishers can communicate insights through data visualization on any topic, and make them interactive for readers.

Political Polarization in the US

A superb visualization of Pew Research Center’s study on political polarization in the United States, authored by Robert Rouse & Originally Published on: Interworks.com

Google Fusion Tables

Fusion Tables is a free application by Google to collect, store, visualize, mapping & share data tables. This is an incredible tool to gather data, analyze data, create data visualization, and mapping. Also dont miss Google Search Operators, these operators are really useful if you do predictive search analysis.


Create insights into social media streams in few clicks. NodeXL is a great software to visualize and analyze network data. This tool provides easy access to social media network data streams, advanced network metrics, and text and sentiment analysis, and powerful report generation.

Other Analytic Tools:

  • Crazyegg: Provides visual maps on how your site’s visitors surf through the pages.
  • Clicky: Offers in-depth detail of each set of visitors and is one of the best real-time analytics tools.
  • Facebook Insights:If you need more insights on how your followers respond to your Facebook posts, this tool is for you.
  • Twitalyzer: Keep tabs on how you engage your Twitter followers
  • Google Analytics:This is most popular and common analytic tool and used by over 50 percent of leading websites in the world. The information gathered is comprehensive and can be used to improve your user experience.

Engage the right Analyst

Experience and skills are very important in analysis and decision making. You definitely need very good and knowledgeable data scientists/statistician to maximize your data management tools. Here are some attributes to look out for;

  • The ability to comprehend data algorithms and complex statistics
  • Can understand nuances of the data and be curious enough to dig deeper to identify similar characteristics from the data that can add value when making decisions.
  • Has to be both abstract and analytical.
  • The ability to customize tools available to extract or derive the most functional data
  • A quality analyst does not just put the appropriate query, but also derives informative conclusions.

Does this sound like rocket-science? Well, there are people out there who can crunch numbers and make factual and informed decisions fast!

Tracking Mobile Users

The primary reason why you need data about your mobile usersis so as to offer them better customer experience in multi-screen settings. There is no doubt that mostcustomersuse mobile devices to access your site’s pages. The number of mobile phone surfers has been rising steadily over the years with no sign of stagnation. Mobile Apps have not just made online transactions client-friendly, but also resulted in increased online transactions.With mobile apps, the reach is much higher compared to strictly desktops.

It is therefore vital for any forward-thinking business to analyze and track how information inflows from mobile devices. With mobile analytic, you can tweak your mobile apps or responsive website for better client experience. Some of the data you need to pay attention to include the type of devices used and the number of visitors using these devices and what they do on your site. Mobile data analytic can be done best by Google analytic.

Tracking the Right Metrics

Based on different factors, analytic metrics helping data classification, by use of appropriate metrics, you get very rich quantitative data for necessary analysis; any user activity can be analyzed. Different tools offer different metrics, depending on the objective set. For instance, the main metrics which Google Analytic offer are Bounce rate, Traffic sources, on-page analysis, Visitors, Page views, etc. Therefore,each feature that is essential to optimize your website can be independently captured by these metrics.

Focus on Data-Driven Decisions

Researches indicate that firms that make data-driven decisions are far more productive and record higher profits. Proper decisions are vital for advertising, product development, and enhanced customer experience, among others. Quality data keeps you informed about your business as well as that of your rivals. Through analysis, you can identify areas of improvements to gain a competitive edge.Information offers insight on what your clients require, and what is needed to guarantee them a great experience on site either surfing or simply making a transaction.


In conclusion, web analytic is the way to go if you truly want to make sound decisions that will take your company to the next level. Lack of proper data collection and analysis means that you operate in darkness, and therefore have no idea where you are headed. Think smart.

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