Google is wooing India by launching cool products for kids, women, business makers and all others. It has a clear intention getting more non-internet users online and making it easy for them to surf and download at more convenient rates.

Google know well offline marketing is a good idea to capture attention and compel more people. Below listed are few implementation Google made:

Putting up Hoardings

The great giant Google, masters the art of capturing audience. It started offline marketing as a new approach to reach next users as it believes India is the best place to generate internet seekers.

Often people find hoardings saying “Google Maps: Look before you leave for real time traffic”. These hoardings are for Google Maps publicity.

Google Maps, A google based app is already drawing more than one billion users from all over the world. So, what are the hoardings for? Google knows Indians will be the next potential Google Users who are yet to have access to internet. To compel Indians to use Google Apps, the company is taking offline approach. It is a rare thing implemented by tech Giants.

Google maps are now available offline. You can download maps to steer the places without the data connection. This is highly appreciated to go through rough and patchy areas where the networks seems to die like deserts and mountains.

Internet Connectivity on Railway Stations


Google rolled out other schemes to connect Indians to web. Google is working with Indian Government on a special program called ‘Google Station’. Google Station aims to provide internet access on several hundred railway stations all over India. The company agreed to work in collaboration with RailTel and provide free wifi service to the travelers and others on station.


Google is adopting Off-line features to get more and more Indians access to internet. The company had successfully brought the scheme to 50 stations, accruing approx 4 million people.

Launching Social Events


The second thing Google practice is holding events. Google hosted an event to attract social media influencers just a day before launching Pixel smart phones. The attendees were gifted free phones. Also, Pixel billboard ads were placed everywhere. This was discussed for weeks on social platforms. Great strategy I must say. Often companies underestimate the power of mouth-to-mouth advertising.

It again held an event in Delhi on the successful 18 years completion. They announced the upcoming products in the event.

YouTube Features

Google launched YouTube Offline in 2014 to enable people to watch videos without internet access. It introduced Smart Offline to schedule videos to be downloaded later.

YouTube Go, A lighter version of Youtube is introduced recently. This app is designed to give accessibility of video sharing services to slow internet users.

Google even launched ‘’ in India. It is a YouTube app for kids. This feature was also announced in the event held. Other features discussed were chrome data saving mode, Google Play 2G surfing, Google news lite etc. All of this was based on the fact, majority of Indians have slower speed internet connection.

Google is primarily focusing India. It feels India is the center of next potential Google users surpassing US in the population of internet users in near future.

Google announced the launch of Google Allo in another event held in Delhi. It sponsored the video sketch by AIB to get the word for its product. Google hardly left anyway to market itself. Be it online or offline.

Proposing ‘ Internet Saathi’

Google proposed another initiative targeting rural women. Internet Saathi is a social program launched by Google under partnership with Tata Trust. This introduces women in rural areas to internet. It aimed to educate rural women through videos. It had impacted million of users.

Google Assistant in Hindi

Rival to Microsoft Cortana and Apple’s Siri, Google Launched Google Assistant. Google planned to launch Google Assistant in Hindi. It is certainly a great step to bring hindi speaking people on internet. They launched an offline event in the capital city to Introduce it.

Google is creative and successful for over years adhering to creative and strong team. Its idea of implementing offline advertising would benefit both, Google and India as well. Google is accruing millions of users with every scheme and paving ways to education and developments for Indians.

Facebook even tried to the same, but failed. Google took its negative aspects into consideration and worked on it. Like Facebook mistake of introducing Free basic program where only limited sites have free access. Google is implementing different strategies and is looking to provide uniform services.

Google offline has made access to data easier for everyone.

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