Martech 5000: Highlights of 2017 Marketing Technology Landscape

In May 2017, like they’ve been doing for the last seven years, Chefmartech released another marketing technology landscape for the year 2017 (By Scott Brinker & Anand Thaker). Considering the number of vendors and solutions on it, this new edition is a huge improvement on the last one released in 2016.

One thing about Chefmartech’s annual marketing landscapes is that every new release is an improvement on the last one. This has given professional and digital marketing experts a notable attraction to this yearly graphical design of digital landscapes as a guide in new and trending solutions on digital space.

The term Martech itself comes from the two words; marketing and technology. Martech is a trend in marketing that combines the field of marketing and technology together to achieve results. Seasoned professional understand what this unique solution offers their businesses and how Chefmartech has helped to promote understanding of the landscapes.

This year, like the previous efforts since 2011, Chefmartech have now released a marketing technology landscape for 2017 which a huge improvement on what we had in 2016. 

 Here are some of the things we learned in the 2017 version of the landscape released by the team:

The marketing technology landscape has grown by a significant 39 percent.

According to Chefmartech, there are now approximately 5381 marketing solutions in the martech space this year as against less than 4000 last year. These are from 4891 unique marketing technology companies also representing 40% growth from those used last year. Such huge difference can only point dynamism of the landscape.

This means that there are now, more than ever, more tools for digital marketers and marketing agencies to explore and use to their advantage. But this might also mean that there will be a few tools that wouldn’t be too useful on the market.

Consider some of the tools and solutions listed categories of digital marketing fields below:

Mobile Marketing Solutions

  • iZooto
  • Chartboost
  • Papaya
  • Mobvista
  • Uberadd
  • TextMagic etc

Content Marketing Solutions

  • Scribble
  • MarketMuse
  • Scoop
  • VideoBlock
  • Contently

Email Marketing

  • Mailify
  • Movable
  • Rebelmail
  • MailChimp etc

Video Advertising

  • YouTube
  • SnapStudio
  • Tremor
  • ViralGains etc

All of these and more, to over 5000 tools were presented in a carefully designed template with their names and logos.

Over 300 of the marketing technology enterprises are of a significant scale

According to Scott Brinker, there are over 300 companies, about 6%, which are well and comfortable financially meaning they should be expected to continue to stay and soars on the stage for a while. They are what we consider enterprises while the rest are owned by individuals or/and funded by investors.

This also means that the digital marketing space is being seen as profitable hence the investment it generates from a good number of investors. There are good reasons to believe this will continue for long.

There are now a variety of platforms

With different platforms having their corresponding different focus such as centralised platforms, hybrid platforms and distributed platforms, the onus is now on the digital marketing professional to choose from specialised and vertical solutions to fit his needs.

Something very amazing about these vendors is that, instead of staying aloof because of competition, rather there has been partnerships and collaboration that are widening the depth of the industry.

The Marketing technology landscape would be getting larger in 2018

If you take a cursory look at the marketing technology landscape since 2011, you will notice that it has kept on growing steadily. From about 150 vendors in 2011 to the more than 5000 that we have today, the growth has amazingly continued annually. The truth is, the number of vendors will continue to increase and 2018 will experience a further boost in both investment and solutions. The good news, added to that, is that creativity and productivity would be on the rise too as more people build on the foundations provided by the existing vendors.

Competition and Creative Marketing Style will continue to Soar

Some of the points to note again are the drive from vendors to get people on their sides. There have been strategies to appeal to emotions; strategies that ensure marketing languages and contents use human voices, and a number of them have been going several miles to build relationships.

All these will continue in 2018 with the accompanying creativities driven to develop to outsmart the competition and take hold of the market.

Another point worth noting is that this busy digital marketing template is already pushing many to fear: which should I use? Some to doubt: would I ever get the right solution out of these numbers? But many smart professionals see the benefits that these growing landscapes offer for their businesses instead.

For smart marketers, it’s time to delve into the offerings of these growing solutions and get the best from the diverse and rich opportunities of having to deal with quality alternatives. Competition will drive low prices and push up the quality of services.

The truth is there are countless promises for the years ahead.

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