India's People Power – Types of services that can be outsourced to India

Hovering over the Indian skylines before the plane touches down the runway, a visitor never misses to be enthralled by the mystical appeal and silent beauty of a country that has always known democracy, blending harmoniously with peace and unity, in the midst of a highly diversified culture.

It cannot be argued that India is a beautiful place. But the strength of this country lies on its people.

India invested significantly on its most important resource – its people – in technical instruction. There is a vast supply of programming experts in India who can deliver all programming tasks, only at a fraction of the cost of what is customarily paid to their US counterparts. These, among other reasons, why most of Fortune 500 companies have trained their sights on India for all their outsourced software solutions.

What types of services can be outsourced to India? Here is a shortlist:

– IT Services, which includes software services, application management, re-engineering, conversion, etc.;

– Data Entry, which covers data warehousing, data control audits, etc…

– Programming, Visual C++, Java, Javascript, ASP etc…

– IT-enabled Services

– Call Centers, Electronic and voice

– Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Enterprise, Customer Relationship, etc…

– Back-Office Operations, Accounting, Payroll inventory, Internal Auditing, etc…

– Infrastructure, upgrading message mgmt., e-business messages, etc.

– Communications and Networking, internet and computer telephony, etc..

– Media and Entertainment, Film-making, animation, etc…

– Web Development Services

– Operations

– Relationship management

– Community Management

– Medical Transcription

– On-site services

Outsourcing to India enables every company to maximize its full potential, as it receives experts back-up on most of its software needs. As non-core functions are delegated to India’s IT professionals, the businessman can shift its focus from the mundane tasks of his business to more strategic approaches which will deter, if not totally obliterate, competition.

Outsourcing to India is most- sought after, mainly because of its technological vibrancy, lower cost, and competitive advantage.

India is a reservoir of talents: aside from its IT dominance over other more developed countries, India ranks third in the world in English proficiency. This opens the door wider for opportunities to a nation of over 900 million people.

As India enjoys the trust of major global corporations, a steady influx of jobs is assured for more people. This would help the economy of a country whose dedication to IT catapulted it to the world’s attention.

This is the power behind India. The irrepressible talent of its people will surely carry this nation of highly diversified culture and in more or less 387 living languages further into global prominence.

IT seems to have brought the Indian people under a common language, after all !

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