The Leverages

First of all, I want you to realize that transportation, vehicles, shortcuts… they all refer to the same thing…that is Leverage. Let me explain something about leverages. Imagine a huge boulder, one so big and heavy you can never push or move it with just your own brute force. But with the right leverage, such an impossible task can easily be completed with just a little effort!


The picture shows you this huge boulder can be moved with the help of leverage. Surely you realize what kind of impact this could have on your business when you use the right leverage. And leverage is the key to making it to the top in record time, leaving all your competitors behind biting the dust. In fact, the majority of successful Internet Marketers use leverages to catapult their business to where they are today.

This brings us to one simple conclusion. You too must realize what leverages there are out there and how to use them to rake in the success you’ve always wanted… to live the online dream.

Let’s begin with a simple business model. You’ve just created your product. What leverage could you use to help you sell this product? One great way I know is to use JV (Joint Ventures), a leverage to help you push the product to already pre-sold customers.

Why JVs are considered leverage in your situation? Let’s me explain. The task of getting targeted traffic and acquired leads online is actually very difficult if you are new to Internet Marketing. To make things worse, you’ve got no branding and have built no trust to your name or your product. This makes it harder to sell to anyone online. Let’s not forget that you don’t even have your own list.

You don’t have these advantages… but other people do. People who have been collecting subscribers for years, people who have made a name for themselves over the net and have already established a strong trust and relationship with their customers. They are people who know what they are doing and people who know how to sell products online. If you can get them to your side of the game… you indirectly have access to what you didn’t have before, almost instantly.

But how do you get these people to partner with you?

dark side of cookies

Yes… Cookies would be nice… but not enough. The first thing you should know is these people (Gurus) have a lot of money already. So offering them a cut of your profit may not be enough.

What I would normally do is this: help them sell their products FIRST, network with them, get to know them, etc and when the time comes for you to launch your own product, seek out their help.

And if your product is as good as you think it is, and if your product can actually benefit their subscribers, they will promote it and you will make a lot of money. And by the end of your launch, you’d have established a name for yourself and your product online. And if you are smart enough, you will have built a list for yourself as well.

That’s leverage.

It will be really hard to get the bigger names to help you out if you don’t help them out first. Hence, if you are in a hurry, and want to skip all the hassle of selling other people’s stuff first, there are those who make a living online by selling other people’s products… we call them affiliates. Seek them out and with enough affiliate armies in your arsenal, you’ll make a lot of money with your product launch as well.

However, keep in mind that if you can get the big names to back you up, that would surely give you the best possible results.

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