Reverse Engineering

I learn this from a few sources and I’ve since used it in my own business especially when it comes to SEO stuff (but not limited to it). This is more of a tactic to learn from the best gurus rather than learning from a pile of e-books or courses.

What this does is you can quickly and effectively find out the TRUTH and I mean the truth… about which strategies and tactics that actually works.

Here’s an example. If you are selling a product like “eBay for Dummies”, go to the search engines (or anywhere you can find more information about the topic), search for Learning eBay related keywords. Take special note of the products that are doing very well.

In this case, you can also go to Clickbank and check out the best selling eBay e-books and check out their sales page.

What you are looking for here are the patterns and the emphasis that is on their sales page. From there, you will realize what the best selling point is and what makes their customers click. And guess what, you can now use the same pattern to push your own product and boost your conversion rate.

Another example is this. Let’s just say you have an e-commerce site selling jewelry. You are aiming to rank high on the search engines for a particular keyword. With the Reverse Engineering strategy, you go to the search engine, type in the keyword, and click on the first 3 websites of your competition.

What you want to do now is find out what they did to rank top 3 in the listings of search results. What you want to check is the back links, the on-page and off-page optimization, their source code, and while you are at it, you might want to see what they did to improve their conversion rate.

When you do this, you waste no time with trial and error methods. You cut to the chase and take what actually works best in the industry and put it into use directly on your own website.

If this is not a shortcut I don’t know what is. What you are doing here is this. Look for the best in the niche you are working on. And do exactly what he does. That should easily take you to his level rather quickly and then from there it is up to you to find better ways to overtake him.

Don’t take this lightly, because I sure didn’t. I was able to actually dominate the first page of a few keywords I tested on Google for a few affiliate products… and I took 8 out of the 10 spots available on the first page.

The sales made were… staggering. And how did I learn SEO which I previously hated so much within such a short time? I learned from the best.

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