Get a personal coach if you have the money

Have you ever seen kick-boxers or a cage fighters train for their upcoming fight? They always have a trusted coach who is nagging, pressurizing, pushing, and correcting them every single moment.

A good coach should keep you motivated at all times.
A good coach should be there with you all the time.
A good coach should come down hard on you every time you make a mistake.
A good coach should have knowledge on how to improve your game.
A good coach should have a mutual goal with you—your success.
A good coach should be thinking of how to help you even when you are not training in the ring. In our case… working to build our business.

For me, when I first started out I didn’t have the money to hire a coach. What I did was, I had an imaginary coach… which I found when I was watching a documentary about kickboxing fighters in Thailand.

Now although he is imaginary, he is of course still effective. You can do the same if you so wish. Otherwise I would advise you to hire a good coach to help you with your online goals provided you have the money to hire one.

You will find this to be the single most worthwhile investment in your journey to successful online marketing.

But with that said, it is imperative that you should take great measures when choosing a coach. Come to think about it, a coach is sometimes similar to your boss…

He is loud and he pressures the heck out of you. But like I said in my first module: The Awakening… pressure is always good. It keeps you from getting sloppy. All entrepreneurs and even gurus who had a 9-5 job before they were successful miss their bosses sometimes.

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