Educational Outsourcing – A bane or a boon

What do students from Britain, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the United States have in common?

No, it’s not McDonalds! Rather, it is their propensity on getting hired help for their assignments done on time. It is not a good learning exercise, and often it is frowned at, but these students seem not to care. With few extra dollars to shed, and a ready alibi, assignments get done by professionals, even by scholars, online.

Outsourcing has become a byword not only among the business and industrial sector, it has also crept into the educational system and has become a subject for debate.

Has technology reached an off-limits? Or, has the fun just begun?

To earn passing marks in school for their IT projects, where else would students depend but on the masters? India happens to be a country not only shrouded by mystic appeal and beauty, but of IT prominence and outsourcing dominance unparalleled in the world, today. Even Fortune’s elite list of top 500 companies have outsourced their IT needs to India – if this is not a stamp of approval on competence, nothing else can come close.

It is of no wonder why students from Britain, the United States, Canada and even far-flung countries go online, interface with Indian IT professionals, discuss their assignments with them, secure a commitment on sealed bids when these assignments get done, and leave with a sigh of relief.

Outsourcing was predominantly for company services and functions relating to IT, data management, and customer service and software development. Today, the trend is shifting to education, as students found an ally with it, too As competition rises among Indian scholars and IT professionals vying for jobs online to augment an existing income, labor cost becomes lower, and students earn more credits for projects done by experts.

Lazy or resourceful? Incompetent or just plain smart? Students who outsource are called by different labels, even current surveys conducted to delve into the lures of education outsourcing concluded, that a profile of a student who outsource has been reached: lazy, incompetent and has money to spend.

Educators are baffled as to steps they will undertake to curb the practice, for this defeats the building blocks of good education such as creativity, hard work, perseverance and love for learning. When projects get outsourced, how can a student learn?

Undoubtedly, outsourcing is one of the best ways to survive the challenge of globalization in business and the industry sector. Education outsourcing, on the other hand, has to be weighed not only for its speculative advantage which can be fleeting and temporary, but rather on its long-term effects, which can cause subtle yet irreparable damage on the education system which still remains as the backbone of every society.

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