Expecting new lines of business outsourcing? Where SME’s can save their hard earned $$?

Experts are expecting changes in outsourcing industry. A contract for hiring a dedicated professional may need to review according to specific skills. This is not just the matter of expiration of term, but the credibility of the outsourcee is equally important. Many experts still feel “outsourcing” as “Unfair” and we still hearing more complaints then a solution.

The most who suffers will be Small Businesses, they basically need an affordable small team capable of doing multiple tasks. Since standardization also minimizes the work responsibilities of a professional, it will be a compellation for small business owner to hire multiple people to do specific portion of the same job.

For example role of SEM is now divided as per their skills, i.e. Google Adword manager, Yahoo Search marketing specialists or individual people with specific responsibilities such as, client account specialists, marketing specialist, and promotion specialist and so on. This put an extra burden on SME to outsource their routine job for cheap. Large companies who have volume of work are absolutely comfortable. But the situation now worsens for SME’s and individuals.

For large scale companies they must need a specialist to do the specialized job. They are absolutely comfortable to review their outsourcing contracts, while expanding their operations.

According to Mr. Brad Smith, Vice president of the research at Kennedy Information Inc., “Companies that have existing outsourcing relationships need to review these contracts when starting a line of business.”

For example, if a retail bank that outsource call center activities was expanding into brokerage, insurance or other financial services, which would require a whole different set of call center training and activities.

Similarly, if a U.S.-based company was to expand into a new region, such as Asia, calls could begin coming in 24 hours a day as opposed to 12.

But for Small businesses, who are struggling to cope up with growing cost of outsourcing, this will be a bit difficult situation. Specifically now definition of job is becoming narrower and more changes are anticipated.

For example, earlier role of a web designer was wider and not restricted to few software skills, today you will have Photoshop Specialists, Coral Specialists or when it comes to multimedia it will person with specific skills of Flash or 3DMax etc.

In scenario above small business will need to have something like “Everything Included” contract with outsourcing companies to save there $$.

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