Now you can outsource your PR advertising, writing or editing by hiring a journalist in India.

In the past people struggled to make composition of a press release to highlight their company’s profile. They collected a lot of material and did not know how to fine tune it.

Many thought of launching some jazzy newsletter for their company but were unable to do so because of lack of knowledge and paucity of time.

But these are things of past. Now you can do any of these things simply by outsourcing the job. Yes sir the outsourcing is not confined to call centers and Information Technology sector.

Now there are professional writers who will do the job of writing, editing and producing any literature on any subject you require. This business is in infancy stage at present, but it is bound to grow from America, Europe and Australia. The main beneficiary is going to be India.

Similarly in the field of advertising, it seems the opportunity is there for Indian advertisement agencies to go and grab international business in a more systematic and organized manner. The global advertising business is estimated at $280 billion.

Experts feel that India is going to be next hot destination for advertising outsourcing.

The Indian advertisement industry is estimated at $2.8 billion. But it has skilled and trained manpower hired at low salaries. This will become the main reason for India attracting most of the outsourced business whether it is advertising or literature writing and editing.

The rates of India would be very competitive in outsourcing world market. Bangalore based Information Technology giants are very optimistic of this happening very soon. It will be golden boom in Indian literature writing and advertisement field.

This will not only bring prosperity to companies providing outsourcing services but the salary rate of skilled and qualified employees will also go up. When there boom in an industry its benefits percolate to each and every segment of the industry.

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