Small Business Outsourcing Companies are attracting the investor’s attention.

Previously outsourcing was done by large and well funded companies only. But now it has become an almost necessity for small and midsized companies.

Outsourcing is the practice of allowing third party partners to perform non-core business tasks so that companies can devote their time on main business strategies.

If you have outsourced your business to a good company which manages it well and your client satisfaction improves it is very cost effective and satisfying.

Industry sources admit that business outsourced by small and medium industry is going to rise to the tune of $25 billion by 2009.

An expert who advises small and midsized industries says Financial Institutions and Banks should look in to whether the management team of company spends less than 80% of their time on doing company’s core business whether company’s is incurring most than 20% expenses on non core business centre or more than 45% of companies expenses are fixed or variable.

If answer to all these questions is yes then outsourcing is recommended by the investors. The Financial Investors and Banks and equity firms who are providing capital to small and medium industries are pressing them to outsource.

The reason is that they want to stretch every dollar invested in the company. They are fully aware that by outsourcing the companies can provide better quality services to their customers at much less the cost. Their interest lies in recovering their money.

It is an old saying that he who pays the piper calls the tune. So if they say outsource the company’s have to outsource as they are the institutions providing capital to small and medium industries.

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