How a VA (Virtual Assistant) Can Help Your Business

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It seems that Virtual Assistants, or VA’s for short, are getting a lot more exposure through traditional press these days. Many companies and business guru’s are pushing the benefits that are associated with the use of such individuals.

But of course such mainstream attention tends to bring with it a lot of spin, advertising and blatant attempts at getting a certain agenda across. If you are considering getting a VA it is important that you cut through this spin and hype and instead concentrate on what a VA is able to do for your own business, freelancing efforts of make money online venture.

How a VA Can Help Your Business

So if there is so much hype and advertising, how do you cut through the smokescreen and understand the facts of what a VA can do for your business?

A good question, which is why we have put together this short list of the benefits of using a VA service.

Passing on your admin work

Anybody who has ever tried running a business for themselves understand that there is a huge amount of admin involved. Most of it requires little thought or knowledge but unfortunately needs to be done and can take up a huge amount of time and energy.

These are the sort of jobs that are perfect for assigning to VA’s. They can fill out the forms, do your basic spreadsheet work or create your nonessential documents. This fee’s up your time to focus on your business model or profit generation.

The Small Tasks

Whilst doing all the work for a business ensures quality, at some point you are going to have to learn to pass on the small stuff if you are to grow the business – there are simply not enough hours in the day for you to do everything!

Instead you can start using VA’s to do the little things. By finding a VA with the skill set that you are currently using you can replace you doing it with them. For example if you are spending a lot of time dealing with outsourcers (for your writing or design etc) you can let your VA deal with them. If you find that you are constantly researching your competitors marketing methods you can instead get a VA to pull together a report on it from time to time.

The VA Business Model

The main advantage of using a VA over an employee is the business model. VA’s can be paid in a number of different manners but many people appreciate the flexibility that comes from paying VA’s by the job. This means you are only spending money on work done, not constantly trying to find ‘busy work’ to justify giving them a wage.

It also saves tremendously on tax and paperwork as you can bill a VA on a ‘per job’ basis making them a freelancer, not an employer – freeing you from the burdens of Government legislation for employees.

VA’s can add tremendous value to a business, so it is important that you give them at least some consideration when you find that you need jobs being taken care of. They could be the most efficient and cost effective answer to your problems.

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