Top 10 Mega Content sites of 2009

The year 2009 has been a magnificent year for many reasons. It was a year of wonderful new developments, new tools, and new way of doing things. This year was also great for mega content sites like eHow, answers, and the rest. In this blog, I presented 10 best social sites in 2009 earlier, now this night before Christmas, I am presenting another article with top 10 mega content sites (and networks) of 2009 that helped us take our knowledge and expertise to the next level.

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No. 10: Suite101 is an online magazine that spans across 400 different topics. This Vancouver-based website has more than 8,000 contracted freelance writers that meet the content need for this website since 1996. It reaches around 24 million people, and is published in four languages: English, German, French, and Spanish. These websites provide a wonderful opportunity for a freelance writer to build a portfolio, and earn a percentage of advertising dollars in the process. This is one of the oldest mega content sites in the business, and a worthy inclusion in the Top 10 mega content site of 2009.

No. 9: Squidoo

Squidoo calls it lenses. The lenses that help us see precisely what we want to see. It is a one-page wonder that does a lot of thing: from delivering knowledge to promoting a product. Squidoo first claim to fame was when it reached 100,000 lenses in record time of 6 months. This user-generated mega content site is among top viewed site since its inception. Launched in 2006, it has become one of the major mega content sites by 2009.

No. 8: Associate Content

Passing through fandom and controversy, Associate Content has made its way to the top 10 list of mega content sites of 2009. This mega content has categories for texts, images, videos, audio, and slide shows. It is known for the quality content posted by the writes in various categories. The website has a performance-based payment plan for the contributors. At times, it also makes an upfront payment for the quality articles.

It has a proper editorial censorship in place, which ensures that only quality content goes out on the website. It is this dedication to the quality of the content that this mega content website has secured a number 8 position in the list of the Top 10 mega content sites of 2009.

No. 7: Weblog, Inc.

This is an AOL company, and this is not why I have included it into this top 10 list of mega content sites for 2009. This network has around 90 blogs that caters to the niches like computers, gaming, independent films, gadgets, technology, freeware, lifestyle, and Entertainment etc. Engadget, Download Squad, Switched, TV Squad, Joystiq, Autoblog, and DIY Life are the most notable among the blogs that this network owns. These blogs are the reason behind including Weblog, Inc. into the list.

No. 6: is another very big reference site. This property is owned by The New York Times Company. This is one of the most trusted content sites written by a network of expert writers, referred to as guides. This website is subdivided in multiple topics which are grouped to form different niche channels. This website is a very fertile ground for the writers (guides) to make money writing content on the topic they love.

No. 5: is a reference site that has information on more than 5 million topics. The answers on this website, as the website claim, have been aggregated from more than 250 trusted sources. When they say trusted they mean dictionaries, encyclopedias, and atlases, etc. This website has also featured among top 20 websites in the United States. It has an honorable mention at number 13. is owned by Answers Corporations. The company also owns, a Q&A site.

No. 4: Gawker Network

Gawker is another big content network or rather it is a blog network of 10 major and quite a few minor blogs. This network has a handful of much respected blogs: Gizmodo, Lifehacker, io9, Kotaku,, Defamer, Fleshbot, Deadspin, Jalopnik, and Jezebel. Who is not aware of Lifehacker, Gizmodo, and io9? These three blogs are enough to pull this network into the top 10 list, add on that the power of Gawker and other blogs.

No. 3: Demand Media

You probably are thinking, “What the heck is demand media.” Well, it will sound more familiar, if I say it owns indeed is the king of How to questions. Apart from and video channel of ehow, which in itself has a huge fan following, Demand media has,,,,,, and Demand media websites make it one of the biggest mega content networks on the web.

No. 2: YouTube

If you thought YouTube is just a funny (and even crazy) video sharing site then you have not used YouTube to its fullest. For years now, YouTube is at the center of content consumption on the web because many people have resorted to watching instead of reading. From online marketer to dating expert to weight trainer, everyone uses YouTube to share their expertise. This is what has made YouTube number 2 content site for 2009.

No. 1: Wikipedia needs no introduction, and I am sure its inclusion in this list at the number one position will not surprise anyone. This is by far the biggest content site on the Internet. Gone are the days when Encyclopedia Britannica used to be the source of reference, these days, its Wikipedia and other content sites of Wikimedia foundation that helps us do our research. When it comes to finding some relevant research data, Wikipedia is the website we all head to.


The king (content) has become meatier in 2009. There are many other content sites that could not cement their way to the list, which explains how fiercely competitive the market has become. SlideShare, Vimeo, Viddler, Metacafe, etc. are the most notable among them.

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