5 Traits of a Successful Blogger

There are bloggers and then there are A-listers, the hugely successful ones. What makes them more successful than others? Why they have made it to A-list while rest of us has given up after trying for a few years? These are some of the questions that prompted me to dig the surface a bit deeper and find out what makes them so successful. My hard work paid well, and I came up with the 5 traits that every A-list blogger shares. I was astonished to see how simple those were:

Successful bloggers are good communicators

Blogging is nothing if not communication in written words, and I have found that every successful blogger has more than average verbal and non-verbal communication skills. I think this is the reason why they are so successful in building a natural bond with the readers, which pushes the readers to post comments after comments on each of the posts.

It is the inherent ability of successful blogger to communicate effectively that makes them so successful.

Successful bloggers are active learners

Another thing I have noticed about these a-list bloggers is their eagerness to learn new thing every day. Show them something new and they will get as excited about it as any kindergarten kid will get on seeing candies and cookies.

A successful blogger is a lifelong learner. He never stops learning. He was born as a student, he dies as a student, and remains student throughout his life.

Successful bloggers have distinct personality

Successful bloggers are not me-toos. Each one of them is different from rest of the pack in a meaningful way. A successful blogger never strives to become like someone else. They find what is unique about them, develop it, and blow it out of proportion to turn it into a complete business.

When starting out, if they do not have a distinct personality then they develop one, but never do they stoop to become just like others. They do not want to be what they say “just another WordPress blogger [blog]”.

Successful bloggers are agile and adaptable

A Successful blogger is not too fat, too big, to move. It’s not IBM of ‘90s. They are quick, nimble, and work out a way to keep pace with the changing wave. A-listers are not loyal to a technology or a way of doing things. They are loyal to their visitors and their changing needs, and they can bring any changes to meet the demand posed on them by their readers.

Speed is the tool that A-list bloggers uses most effectively. They are quick to change and always ready to adapt. If you feel you are too old or too big to change then change this thinking. Any elephant can dance, all it need is a willingness to do so. Jack Welch showed that.

Successful bloggers do not throw attitudes

Successful bloggers know that they need to maintain a healthy attitude throughout their blogging career, if they wish to remain in business. They know that one bad day on work means hundreds of lost visitors.

They know that if they become immodest, not even angry, in replying to one misdirected angry comment they will push 10 cementers and 20 readers away. The cost of writing an angry reply is huge.

Bad word spread even faster on the internet. It takes just some minute -not hours, or days or months – to spread the word on the web. If you have this habit to cornering the angry commenter then you should stop this all at one.


As you saw, the difference between a successful blogger and not-so-successful blogger lies in simple little things. It is not about knowledge and ignorance of some big fancy blogging concepts. And acquiring the traits of a successful blogger is not rocket science. It may take time, but if you work on it, it will come to you.

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