10 Ways a Designer Can Help You Prepare Your Communication Plan

Are you preparing an advertising and marketing plan (promotion part of 4 Ps)? Indeed you are, and I know how important it is, as it is the marketing communication on which the success or failure of your brand depends. I know other things also matter, but not as much as do promotion.

And to execute your promotion plan effectively, you will need a designer’s help. Did I say designer? Yeah, I meant graphic and web designer. I will explain it in detail in the following paragraphs.


Logo is a physical representation of everything that a brand stands for. How good your logo is depends on how well it portrays and explains the identity of a brand. Think of Wikipedia, Nike, and Apple logos; each one of them tells the story of the brand it represents. Designer must know important Elements that Make a Logo Great. The quality of your logo depends upon the quality and creativity of the designer who made it.


Brochure is a very important marketing tool. It tells your customers about your products and services you offer in the friendliest manner. A brochure also presents an opportunity to show your discreetness in making things attractive; it will have a rub-off effect on your product sale. Hire a world-class designer, and get a uniquely designed brochure. You will soon see the change in client’s perception about you and your company.

Business Card

A business card says a lot about your business. A mundane, non-creative list of your name, designation, addresses, and contact details will not impress anyone, but a creatively-done business card will make it a collectible. And the higher your business card is kept in the holder the better your prospect is of getting business is.

Letter Head

Why the heck do you need a custom designed letter head? Well, to make the client wonder and form positive image about you, which will make the client take the content on the letter head, a bit more positively. A little bit of creativity on your letter head will go a long way in building your brand image.


A message is as beautiful as is the cover (envelop) in which it is wrapped. I am not asking you to have all-flowery design with gold borders; I am just asking you to get your envelop designed in the line of other brand Tocuhpoints. The design should be coherent.


A website is your virtual help desk, reception counter, sales office, and information center. In the hyper-connected world of ours, a website works as a giant door through which customers enter your domain. Make your website tell your customers what you do and what you stand for. Make it as friendly and intuitive as you can. Also visit, How to Get a Cutting-Edge Web 2.0 Website for a Steal.

Leaflets, pamphlets, and flyers

When it comes to announcements; leaflets, pamphlets, and flyers goes a long way. It is the easiest way to put the word out, and that is why many people are using it. Well, this is not a piece of good news for mediocre leaflet, pamphlet, and flyer designers. One now need to be exceptionally good to attract attention.

Print ads

When it comes to explaining complexity of your products, nothing comes close to print ads. It is not as superfast as TVC, nor is it non-creative as online banner or PPC ads. A print ad can be both creative and informative. It needs to be designed well enough to appeal to viewers’ mind and heart.


It may seem unimportant, but stationary plays a key role in convincing your employees (internal customer) about your corporate identity which in turn translate into better customer service through motivated employees.

Advertising materials

Danglers, POP, POS, and other sales promotion materials are used to influence shoppers’ decision on the shop floor. It has to be compelling, or else none of the opinions on the shop floor is going to sway.

As you can see, you will need a good designer to construct a world-class communication material for your brand that will go a long way in building a strong brand for you.

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