How to Make Your Blog More Appealing to the Visitors

Once there was no website other than static HTML-based website and then came web log, a website that was more like a diary less like a website, where information (read articles or posts as it later became known) was arranged reverse chronologically (from new to old). And then appeared torrents of web logs on the scene—which now became blog—because of which the need to make a blog interesting and appealing to the visitors arose. It is no longer possible to pull visitors without creating a real point of difference. In this article I will tell you how to make your blog unique, and how you can make it pull visitors.

Unique design

Design of a blog is the first thing that a visitor notices when he or she comes to your blog. You should, therefore, use unique theme for your blog. If you are using WordPress then there are countless free themes available for you to use, but none of them will give your blog a unique identity. Hence, I will suggest you to get your own theme designed, or at least buy a theme that can be customized enough to meet your demand.

Subdivide your article

A proper formatting of an article is must. No one likes to read an article that run for miles. You should use headings, subheading, and bullet points to make your article scannable and easy on eyes, which will increase the readability of the article.

Use image and graphs in the article

Another factor that adds up to the appeal of a blog is an image. You must use at least one image in your article, and the image should be the one that conveys the meaning of the article, or which is self explanatory. You can also use graphs in the article to add to the appeal of your blog.

Use inforgraphs

You should use infographs on your blog as well. This will not only break the monotony on your blog, but it will also improve your chance of hitting first page of A good infograph generally hits first page of Digg. You should post at least one infograph in a week. If you have just started out then do not go for more than one per 10-days, as it takes considerable amount of time to develop an infograph.

Post video

Half of the web content these days are video and due to increasing speed of the Internet access a larger population can access video on the Internet in real time. A blog that does not use video is missing out on an opportunity to pull video-viewing audience. Video also build credibility.

Run contests

Run contents and give something of value for free. This is a surefire way to create buzz in the blogging community. A contest that promises a valuable gift is set to receive a lot of visitors. You can start with running one contest per forty five days. Do not offer useless gift to the winners of your contest, as it will not fetch the desired result. Each contest should be open for 20-30 days. It will give enough time for the contest to reach larger mass.

Record podcasts

This is another type of content that you can use on your blog. You can read out the best of your articles for a podcast, or you can record an interview with big guns in your niche. You can also provide how-to tutorials in the form of a podcast. Release at least one podcast every fifteen days then move towards one podcast per week. Later you can fix a day in the week and release podcast on that day. I will suggest you to release your podcast on Friday or Saturday.

Do not rely on any one type of content. To make your blog appealing to your visitors, you must make a judicious use of each types of content discussed above. A proper mix of video, podcast, infograph, and articles is necessary to make your blog appealing to your visitors.

I would suggest starting with publishing one video every 15 days, two podcasts every month and at least one infograph in a month, and fill rest of the days with well-formatted articles. Go slow with creating multimedia (video, podcast, or infograph) content for your blog. The quality is more important than the quantity. If you have some spare cash than you can even outsource the creation o multimedia content for your blog.

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