Choosing the Right Colors for your Website

A well designed website contains many key elements and the colors you choose are as important as the graphic design, content and search engine optimization. Your website colors will affect the way visitors react to your site and should be considered when designing your website.

Colors invoke emotional reactions in people who are viewing your site and you want to communicate the message of your company through thoughtful color presentation. Color affects mood and the design of your website should illustrate the feeling you want to convey to your visitors through the colors you choose in your website design.

There are 216 web safe colors that can be displayed on all types of monitors. If you want to be sure your website looks the same on every visitor’s computer, it is a good idea to choose from these 216 colors.

Creating a color scheme for your website can help create a uniformity for your website. For example, if you want to have a “cool” (as in temperature) effect on your website, choosing a blue color scheme will allow you to use all shades of blue, from baby blue to deep turquoise or cobalt blue. This will add variety within a single color scheme.

Complementary colors of two or more colors will be pleasing to look at. Within these two colors, you can continue to utilize hues of the each color, giving the appearance of more colors but not distracting your viewer.

You want to stand out and be noticed. If you want to make a strong impression on your visitor, using contrasting colors can get the viewer’s attention quickly.

If the colors are too wild, such as red and turquoise or blue and orange, this can cause the colors to vibrate against each other, which can be unpleasant to look at. Experiment with color combinations to see what colors are eye-catching.

Some General Guidelines for Color Usage:

* Make sure your text is readable. A light color text against a dark background works well as well as a dark color text against a light background.

* Use uniform colors across all pages of your website so the visitor can easily identify your website as they navigate throughout.

Finding the right colors and color scheme for your website is an important design element in creating a “look” for your company. When a viewer stumbles across your website, you want to keep them clicking through to all pages within your site, so be sure to utilize a pleasant array of colors that define your “brand”.

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