3 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Thanks to the Internet, the world has converted itself into a small office (I know they also call it small village, but office is what I prefer). Now people can work from anywhere and give the same output that you expected until now from an employee sitting in your office doing what you want him to do.

The days of dependence on full-time, in-office staffs are long over. Now companies can go out and hire people over the Internet, and make them work from the comfort of their homes without losing any control over them or the quality of their output, whatsoever. The revolution (of turning world into a small office) was started by the Internet, and got fuelled by the growing speed of net access, and gets driven by imaginative individuals.

A virtual assistant, in today’s world, has many uses in business setting. A virtual assistant helps business grow day in and day out. Hiring one has many benefits, some of which has been discussed at earlier posts on Why you need a VA as well as  How a VA can help small business by Steve Arun and you will find some more below.

Why to hire a virtual assistant

It is economical to hire one

A virtual assistant (VA) costs you far less than a full-time employee. It does not only take away less salary, but it also gives more output. Let’s calculate the cost of hiring a full-time employee for a work that could be given to a virtual assistant to give you an idea about why it makes business sense to hire a VA.

If you hire a full-time employee then you have to pay higher salary, and for his tea, coffee, AC, computer, and other resource uses. You may also have to deposit some money in his or her retirement account (the exact amount depends upon the country’s policy). You have to pay for his commutation as well.

Onto that you cannot make him work for 40 hours a week. You can make him come to office on time and stay there for 40 hours a week, but you cannot make him work for all those hours you are paying for.

But, if you are hiring a virtual assistant who commits his or her 40 hours of his time for your work every week then you can actually make him work for all those hours. Thanks to the advancement in tracking technology, even the minutest detail of the work done in even one fraction of a second of 40 hours that a virtual assistant committed can be tracked using software tool. And because you can track, you pay only for the hours your VA spent working for you. Did I forget to mention that you have to pay less as well!

To help manage your teams or work

If you have a team on individual freelancers or agencies working on one or multiple projects then you will need a project manager to manage all the teams. In situations like this, a VA comes handy. You can hire one to manage your teams from the comfort of his home and that too on a fraction of money invested should you hire a full-time project manager.

Many VAs specialize in managing team, and their exposure of working with different types of teams makes them ideal candidates for the post of team or project manager. They also come handy in hiring people. In times when someone leaves the job, all of a sudden, your VA comes to your rescue by providing people to work for you. For his, all he has to do is to reach out to the teams he worked for with his previous clients, and hire required professionals from there.

To get quality work

In the years that have passed us by, you could only hire a person from within your community, or from the cities nearby your city. And from this group only you have to hire someone to work for you, as people from the far reaches of your state, country, or even globe did not show any interest in working in your locality. Which essentially meant you got a less talented pool of individuals to choose from, which translated into poor quality work.

That is not the case now. You can, now, hire quality people from even the far reaches of the known universe (I know it is an exaggeration, but you got the point) to work for you, for the fraction of cost that you bear when you hired employees from your neighborhood.

The game has changed now. You get good worker to work for you, provided you want them too. The game or its playground might have changed, but the rules are still the same. A paymaster is still the king; rather he has become a more powerful king than he ever was. Employees (read virtual assistants), therefore, cannot help but churn out good quality work.

These are the three main benefits of hiring a virtual assistant to do the works that once was done by the regular employees. There are many more benefits of doing so, which we will explore in the next article. Meanwhile, you can read this article and post comments in the comment section.

And yes, if you feel like hiring a virtual assistant for your work then do not think twice,  find more on how to choose a VAWhat to consider choosing a VA and contact Steve now!

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