Define your Website Goals – Plan before you start.

Your website is the calling card to your business that represents everything your company stands for. Before you design your website, it’s a good idea to define what you want the end result to be before your begin. This will determine how people view your website.

Ask yourself why you want to create a website, is it to sell products, provide information or supply a service? Who do you want to view your website? Do you simply want to promote yourself or establish a competitive business? These are the questions you must ask yourself before you design a professional, successful website.

Creating a website forces you to ask serious questions about yourself and your business. What is the goal of your business, career and online presence? Where do your see your business in 5 to ten years? How can your website benefit your business? Figuring out what it is you would like to market on your website before you begin designing it will help you take your website in the right direction, potentially bringing profit, income and success to your business.

Do your research. Find other websites that offer similar services, goods or products and make a list of what you like and don’t like about the site. What works for your competition will most likely work for your business website.

Provide information that you feel comfortable with. The great thing about the Internet and owning a website is that it is a common denominator for all business on the web. You can accurately represent yourself and your business on the same level as a much bigger company in a way you cannot in the offline world.

Think about the ways you want your website to work for you:

* Build a “brand” for your business
* Reach an extensive international audience
* Create a sense of familiarity with your product, goods or services
* Include information about your business through well written content that is search engine friendly
* Change information about your business instantly
* Create a large base of contacts for your business

By embarking on your journey to create a website, it communicates to people that you are serious about your business and yourself.

When your online presence is a professional, user-friendly and attractively designed website, it lends invaluable credibility to you and your business.

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