3 SEO Myths You Should Not Subscribe to

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a secretive art; at least it appears to be, if you are not among those who practice this craft. If you do not believe me then talk to any SEO guy, and everything they will say will go over your head. All will be Hebrew for you. Because of this there are many myths around the industry circulating in the air. These myths do nothing, but add to the confusion.

In this article, I will examine 3 such myths and will bust them. These myths are related to SEO agencies, related to what they say to get your business. So you should read this article to the end.

Myth 1: Good SEO service will not cost much

We all know the age-old maxim: pay peanuts and get monkeys. This holds true for SEO as well. To get good quality SEO service, you will have to invest in a good quality SEO company, and that never comes cheap.

But, why some SEO companies are cheaper, while, others are not-so-cheaper?

In one word, the answer is “quality”. A good SEO company will help you get better ranking for a term that is highly searched by the target audience, whereas, SEO companies with shabby reputation will get you ranking, but for the keywords that get very little traffic, and thus of no use for you.

Hiring a good SEO company may cost you more dollars, but it will deliver the result. Investing in a bad SEO company is like throwing a coin in a pond and waiting for your wishes to get fulfilled. It never happens. Even a one dollar investment that brings no result is of no use.

Myth 2: You can stop doing SEO once you got the ranking

Follow the above suggestion at your own risk. The sooner you stop investing your resources in optimization of your website, the quicker your ranking starts disappearing, and then follows your listing, as Google and other search engines update their database every day. And a website that does not have fresh and meaningful content and links are dropped from priority listing.

You need to invest in SEO and its ranking factor continually to maintain the position you got in Google’s SERP. Agreed that the investment will not be as huge as it were when you were trying to climb up in ranking, but there is some investment in maintaining the rank.

Myth 3: SEO happens on the page

This is what coders or designers turned SEO expert will try to make you believe. You can find such people standing on their roof tops and shouting this maxim at the top of their voice so that you start believing this.

On-page factors, indeed, matter, and they matters a great deal, but not more than off-page factors. It is the off-page factors that count most, not the on-page.

A SEO-optimized HTML code, or website design is indeed a prerequisite for your SEO effort to be successful, but they are not it. On page factors create a basic ground on which off-page factors play the game.

I am not suggesting that you can do without on-page optimization, but this optimization is not the only thing you need to do. You can start with on-page optimization then you will have to move towards getting as many inbound link from as varied sources as you can, if you want to get higher ranking in search engine result pages.

So what should you do?

You should not subscribe to any of the myths we have discussed above. Subscribing to any of them will rob you off of any chances of getting higher ranking for the chosen keywords. I will suggest you to invest in a good SEO company that can show you provable result.

You should run a search in Google on a SEO company by adding words like scam, fraud, cheat, and reap off, etc. before hiring any company for your SEO work. Do not go with a SEO company that cannot show verifiable result, no matter how big they claim they are. Ask for reference, and verify the quality from there.

Do not get sold for empty promises. Stay away from a SEO company that says yes to whatever demand you put, chances are they will not honor their words.

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