Why Small Business Owner Should Hire a Virtual Assistant to Do His Job?

For a small business, a virtual assistant (VA) is a life saver. He comes with an arsenal of marketing weapons and changes the way a small business owner conduct business. A VA adds muscle power to a small business, and with his support, the small business slowly starts gaining mass and eventually become big.

There could be many reasons for a small business to hire a virtual assistant, but to a non-convert all the reason sounds gibberish, mere sophistry. We should, therefore, list the effect of hiring a VA to the bottom line of a small business’s balance sheet. This will help non-convert come to a right decision.

Benefits of hiring a virtual assistant

Cost effective

A virtual assistant is indeed very cost-effective in comparison to the cost incurred on having a full-time employee to do the exact same work. In fact, a VA will do exactly all the work plus more that any full-time employee can do. Not only that you pay your VA only for the hours he worked for you, which is not a case with a full-time employee, who charges you for every single minute he spent at your place (read office) after stepping through the big giant office door.

A VA cannot, by definition, charge you for the hours he had not worked for you. It means you get the worth of every penny you spent on hiring a staff.

No overhead cost

There is another benefit of hiring a virtual assistant, and that is his inability to add even a single variable cost to your overhead. Unlike a permanent staff, you do not have to pay for the electricity consumption of your virtual assistant, for his high-speed Internet usage (or movie downloads – this is what employees do with the office bandwidth.), for his space, his stationary, or for his tea and coffee, etc.

There are many small expenses that you incur when a full-time person works for you from your office, which you do not incur when you outsource the same work to a VA. A virtual assistant works from his home or his office without adding even a single penny to your overhead.

Generally, I suggest people to have a permanent employee to do the core work, or the work that cannot be done outside the office, and hire a reliable virtual assistant to do rest of the work. This makes business sense.

A VA works as a Swiss knife

A virtual assistant not only keeps your operation cost low, but he also helps you grow your business by performing various tasks. A virtual assistant is like a Swiss knife that does a lot many things along with opening a beer bottle (well, not exactly).

A virtual assistant will handle your work load, freeing you to do the things necessary to strengthen the core of your business. Because of his nature of work, a virtual assistant generally maintain a good contact with people in various profession. If need be, he can mobilize this resource to get your work done. A virtual assistant is very versatile.

Help you grow your business

Generally, a virtual assistant has experience of working in different industries. Some of which may be related to the field you are into. You can use his experience to enrich your business. From time to time, he will also give you inputs that may save you some extra dollars, or help you solve your customers’ problem more efficiently.

So what do you think…?

Hiring a virtual assistant is not a bad bet. A virtual assistant has become necessary for the survival of a small business. He helps you keep the input cost low, and in today’s world, where competition is trying to eat your share from every side, it is a big thing.

But not all virtual assistants are cut to be equal. You should, hence, be very critical of the claims (read tall claims) made by a VA. Hire only the one who has a verifiable track record, and one who have knowledge of your field.

Always remember, a virtual assistant is not just a replacement of your regular employee. He is much more than that, so do not settle for the one who says he will just do the work your full-time employee did for you. You will be losing on the opportunity, if you hire someone like that.

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