3 Online Business That Requires No Money to Start

Someone asked Sir Richard Branson, the charismatic CEO and founder of Virgin group, that if he has to start a business today with little or no money then what business he will start. In the reply, he said in today’s world the business he will think of starting will have something to do with the Internet.

How right he was! And some of us know very deeply how authentic the claim is. But as not everyone out there is Sir Richard Branson, not everyone is supposed to know what kind of business to start on the Internet to make it even half as big as Virgin, and which does not require any money to start.

Don’t worry, if you already do not know this because by the time you will finish reading it, you will have a good idea of what to do on the Internet that requires very little or no money.

Affiliate marketing

When it comes to making money, affiliate marketing is the best thing to do on the Internet. The job of an affiliate marketer is to promote someone else’s product, for which he gets commission on the sale he makes. The commission could be anything between 4% and 90%. Yes, the commission, in many cases, is staggering 90%, and it could even be as low as 4%, if you are selling products listed on Amazon.com.

There are many ways to sell an affiliate product. You can start a review website or create a pre-sell page which will lead the prospect to the sales page. You can buy paid ads in search engine or social networking sites like Facebook and lead them to the product page. You can simply send e-mail newsletter to your list promoting your affiliate product.

There are literally many ways to market an affiliate product, which one you choose depends on you. Many experts will tell you that if you want to make it big on the Internet as an affiliate marketer then you should rely on paid traffic from search engines, or social networking sites, but I happen to disagree with it.

The research suggests that only a fraction of people using a search engine ever clicks on the sponsored listing, and most of the quality visitors stick with organic listing. Which way you choose solely depends on you. Take your time researching various methods, and stick with the one that works well for you.

Content agency

If the Internet is the vehicle then content is the fuel that pushes the vehicle forward. Without content there will not be any Internet. This is another business that you can start without any money. To start this, all you need is a team of writers and content creators, if you are not a writer or content creator yourself.

Building a team will not be an issue, as you can build a team on the Internet itself using freelance exchanges. The demand for content is not going to die. The form may change, but it will always remain there.

Link building services

Internet is nothing, if not an organic cloud of interconnected web pages, and the more a webpage is linked to the network of other web pages, the more valuable it is in the eyes of Google and other search engines. This is the reason why all the website owners are after getting as many links as they possibly could get and that very fast.

You can join the game as well. Start a backlinking factory, and let your customers have the best networks linking to them. This business can be started by hiring individuals engaged in link-building activity, which you can find on freelance exchanges.

The future of this kind of business is very bright. As long as you can provide high-quality backlinks, you will remain in the business. And as long as links are treated with respect by search bots, this industry is going to remain hot.

A parting word

Until now, if you have not developed a favorite then it is time to think over the options suggested above vis-à-vis your inherent ability. If you are a writer yourself, you can start either content agency, or become an affiliate marketer. People who do not have natural bend towards writing can also start in the affiliate marketing industry. If you are good in scouring the Internet then you will like backlinking business, at least the strategy part of the business.

These are mere my thoughts, you can think otherwise and start whatever suits you.

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