Barriers of Outsourcing to India

India has become an outsourcing hub of the world, thanks to its huge pool of English speaking (or say English reading, to be more precise) population. The quality of the work delivered by the Indian individuals in the outsourcing industry is far better than the similar work done by their Chinese counterpart, for the people here are exposed to English and stories of outside world — through class rooms and media — very early in their life.

Despite the good quality of work and high level of education, the in-sourcing industry in India is not without its share of problems, which could result in serious hiccups for people thinking of outsourcing works to India. And both big corporations and small business men go through this. This is what I am set to address in this article, and without wasting any time, let’s move forward to set our eyes on the barriers you may face when outsourcing to India. Just knowing the demon may help us fight it off.

Outsourcing barriers

Time zone

Yes, India is more than 10 hours away from you on the GMT scale, which could be a problem. You may have to spend odd hours in front of your computer to talk to your service provider, or your service provider will have to do the same, or you may have to stretch a bit so that both of you can accommodate comfortably — well, with some minor difficulty.


Quality of the output is another problem that people face when outsourcing any work outside their office problem. The uncertainty quadruple if the company the work is outsourced is not on the other block, but in altogether different continent. Quality of the output, therefore, could be a problem.

Communication problem

Despite the abundance of “English reading” population in India there are not too many people who can effectively communicate and freely share the idea due to this. This could be a big problem in conveying your requirement or making the other person understand your point of view.

Longer feedback loop

Due to difference in the time zone and communication hiccups, the feedback loop could be longer. In some cases, you may have to wait for more than a day to get the response to the question you have posed to your service provider. This may slow down the process of creation, but not necessarily.

Copyright and legal issue

Your country law does not apply to people working in the other country which is also situated in a different continent. Litigating someone could be a bigger problem, but fortunately there are rules and regulations that govern this market as well, which we will discuss in the next article where I will talk how to overcome barriers that you face in outsourcing your work to India.


There are lots of thugs in the world and no industry is immune to this, and not even any country is immune to this. You can find many people who will try to take advantage of you, and as you are not physically near that person, they can become more pain in the you know where I am referring to.

Delivery schedule and deadline

This is comparatively a minor problem; nonetheless it is a problem — mainly because of the difference in the time zone. Your date might be the next day for your service provider sitting in altogether a different time zone. You need to take this into consideration as well.

Let’s say goodbye

It would be arrogant to say that I have covered all the possible problems that you may encounter when outsourcing a work to India, but I tried to cover every aspect of this. The article may have made you feel ill at ease and it is justified to, but there is not much cause for concern because there are ways and tools to neutralize these disadvantages. In the next article, I will focus on this topic. I will discuss how you can overcome outsourcing barriers that you face when sending your work beyond your national boundary.

Until then make a plan of action and make a list of activities that you want to outsource to India. This will be the first step towards making huge profits because getting work done by service providers in India will be a lot cheaper than getting the same work done in your country.

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