3 Marketing Lessons You Can Learn from Your 4-Year Old Kid

Curious-kidIt sounds surprising and counterintuitive that your four-year old child can teach you anything about a subject that is as complex as marketing. How could a child tell you about a field, practitioner of which has limitless numbers of variables to handle at any given point of time? This even make some convulse with strangeness. Regardless of what you think, there are aspects of marketing that your four-year kid can teach you. And to learn the marketing secret from kids, you will need to employ one from the very beginning. You will need to closely observe your kid.


Observation is a key to development. Your kid intuitively knows that. He pays very close attention to everything that he sees around him, and that is what helps him understand his environment, which in turn make him function properly. You will notice that your kid take a small object and look incessantly on it and then he turns it left then right, and then up and down to see what it actually is. He sees every bit of detail in the object before leaving it for other.

A marketer also needs to develop a keen sense of observation so that he can scan his immediate environment in which he functions. He also needs to observe the activities his customers are involved into to better understand the customers’ mindset. As we all know knowledge of our customers’ mindset is paramount. The more you understand her, the more targeted message you can deliver. There is no other way to learn about your customers than by observing her activities.


Just observation is not what you need to learn from your four-year old kid. You also need to relearn curiosity. Submerged into our daily activity, we have long forgotten the art of being curious, which by the way is a necessary skill for being a marketer.

As soon as a kid starts speaking, he asks a lot of questions in order to understand the world around him. He asks question about shapes, sizes, forms, colors, tastes, and even about abstract topics that he encounters during our channel surfing. A kid also asks about things he picks from our conversations with other adults. A four-year old kid asks so many questions that he at times makes us uncomfortable, but regardless he keep on asking questions because he wants to learn.

You need to learn this from your four-year old kid. Learn to ask questions and seek information, but without being irritating — as a kid tend to be at times. Do not sit still until you know every aspect of your market. Seek as much information as you can about your competitors and their customers. Ask relevant questions and keep on asking questions until you get your answer.


Try this: leave your four-year old kid in a room where there are quite a few kids of the same age group and see what he does. He will stand still for some time and may cry a little, but soon he will calm down and make friends with other kids in the room. He will start playing with the stuffs other kids posses. They will willingly share their things, without any consideration for reaping benefit from the act of sharing.

Kids are born networker. Making friends come easily to them. We all possessed this skill, but as grew up we forgot this, and instead learnt to take advantage of every relationship. You need to undo the mistakes your growing years have done. Start sharing things, ideas, and time with people, without any intention to make money from the transaction. This will help you build friendship with many people. This network of friends will prove to be an asset for you, in the long run.

Closing thought

Observation, curiosity, and networking come easily to a four-year old kid. Not because a kid has done MBA from some Ivy League university, but because he or she realizes her true self.

A four-year old kid does not keep any hidden agenda when talking with people, so he can make more friends than we can do. He can learn new skills because he knows he lacks knowledge on the object in front of him. He does not care if his asking question is perceived as stupidity or what. He is more concerned about knowing than he is about his reputation. He can observe thing, one at a time, because he gives importance to things in his surroundings.

A marketer needs to develop these skills as well, and no one can help you in that more than your four-year old kid can.

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