Keep it simple – bring more Professional Appearance in your Website Design

Whether you’re selling life insurance, shower curtains, your homemade arts and crafts, offering a service or displaying your artwork, you want to make your website as professional looking as possible to wow and amaze each and every visitor to your website. A professional looking website will encourage your visitors to return to your site, buy your products and become interested in the information your website provides.

A well designed website contains interesting and useful content that is easy to read and absorb and downloads quickly onto a user’s screen. Maintaining consistency within your web pages, whether you have 5 or 500, with the same backgrounds, colors and fonts will present your site as a uniform whole. Your visitors will be unmistakably aware they are still clicked in to your website.

Navigation is key. A fast-loading website is imperative for success on the Internet. The Internet is incredibly fast and although bandwidth is becoming faster and faster, there are still people navigating the Internet with a 28.8k modem. Optimize your images to ensure faster downloading.

Keep it simple. Graphic elements are important to break up the monotony of text. Too many graphic elements will confuse your viewers and they will become distracted.

A few common sense reminders to keep in your mind when developing your website:

* Change your content frequently.
* Include an “about” page and make sure your contact information is correct and accessible.
* Create a newsletter for your visitors to join.
* Offer free premiums and members-only discounts
* Keep your website free of annoying flash animated graphics, music that repeats with no off button and intrusive pop-ups
* Ensure browser compatibility with clean HTML
* Make your website viewable by users with text-only browsers
* Avoid overuse of banners and excessive buttons
* Avoid too many advertisements

A professional looking website will encourage your visitors to return to your website. This translates into sales for your eCommerce business, money made through advertising on your website and general exposure of your company to the public. Creating a professional impression online is the first step to marketing your business as a professional one.

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