Can Blog Generate a Full-time Income for you?

This is a long-cherished dream of many people to live off the Internet. Some realizes it and some never does. And there could be n number of reasons behind people’s failure to not realizing this dream. In this article, I will not concern ourselves with various reasons why most of us fail to make money from their blogs. My goal in this article is to examine if it is possible to earn money from a blog or not, and what are the monetization options available to a blogger.

Can you live off the Internet?

Yes, you can. There are many people doing so, and theoretically you can also do so. But, you will succeed in doing that or not will clearly depend on things beyond the scope of this article; yet, I will list out the names of required skills.

  1. Writing ability: Can you write captivating articles?

  2. HTML: You do not need to be an expert, but a little knowledge of it is required

  3. Designing: A little bit of knowledge of Photoshop helps.

  4. Marketing skills: Are you comfortable with promotions, and can you promote your blog?

  5. Networking: Can you strike chord with people in your industry?

If you have the aforementioned abilities, or willingness to acquire the one you lack then you can live off your blog. There are countless many people doing just that. Some are making a lot, while, others are making just enough to call it a passive secondary income.

Direct and indirect income

There are many ways to make money from a blog. Some of them are considered direct sources, while others are called indirect sources of blog monetization. We will examine both kinds of income sources in some detail in the following paragraphs.

Direct income sources

Following income sources could be classified as direct income sources for a blog:

  1. Income from advertisements

  2. Affiliate commissions

  3. Link sales

  4. Paid posts or reviews

  5. Text link ads

  6. Sponsorships, etc.

We call the above direct income sources because we earn money directly from a blog, and not because of the blog.

Indirect Income source

  1. Writing contract

  2. Freelancing works

  3. Book sales

  4. Product sales

  5. Designing contract

  6. Programming works

  7. E-Book writing works

  8. Researching works

  9. SEO work

  10. Marketing assignments, etc.

These are called indirect sources of income because we earn money because of our blog, and not from the blog. All of this may sound confusing, but you do not need to worry about that, as in the course of your blogging, you will know what I am talking about. Let’s take an example.

Suppose you are promoting an affiliate product on your blog, and as part of the affiliate promotion you write a review on the product. A prospect comes to your website and clicks on the affiliate link after reading your review and then purchase the product for which you get a certain percentage of the sale. This is an example of direct income.

Now imagine, you blog about website designing, and you write amazing posts, share useful web designing tips. As a result of which your readers start seeing you an expert in web designing. And one from them decides to hire you to get his or her website designed.

The income you, thus, generated could not be accredited to your blog. You got the client because of your web designing capability, but it is called indirect source of blogging income because you blog helped you sell your ability to the market.

Which one is the best?

Often people ask me this question when I describe them the two income sources. My answer always is: both of them. None of the two is superior or inferior to other source. Each one has its own merit. You should choose the one that suits your area of expertise.

Most of the bloggers, as said above, employ both income sources on their blogs. The most common form of direct income source used by a blog is Google AdSense. Affiliate commission is second to this.

So can we live off our blog?

Yes, we can. Blogging is not a gimmick or a fluke. It is a solid business, and all the principles of business world are applicable here.

So when are you going to convert your blog into a money making machine? If you have not done it then do it now. There will not be any better time than now, and not even any better place than here, where ever this “here and now” is.

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