Offshore web developer staff can be a boon for small business.

The web development industry in US and UK are in a state of flux. It is hard to understand that whether they need to outsource or not to outsource. What do you think offshore web development can be a new competition threat or opportunity in new resources?

Debate is live and slogans like “quality vs. cost”, “you get what you pay for”, are not new. Off shoring, your project is a boon for small business in shape of utilization of global resources effectively.

In my opinion offshore web development is an opportunity for small business. Today global competition is going high. Hiring a dedicated web developer in India cannot only reduce the development cost but also implementing the latest strategic level concepts and ideas.

This is a winning situation for client as well as hiring company. You can spend more time on defining technical architecture, project management, and client communication, instead of writing codes.

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