Long-term paybacks are huge through Offshore Employee Leasing in India.

Offshore Employee Leasing is the hiring of new or additional work force from abroad at cheaper rates, without obligations i.e. infrastructure costs, payroll, employee benefits, Travel expenses, relocation or temporary housing expenses.

Global competitions are here to stay and offshore employee leasing can be a smart progression towards reducing the cost of project to a certain level. This also does not mean that you are compromising with quality service as you get highly qualified and competent professionals to do the job.

India has surprisingly lower cost of living compare to west. An experienced web developer is easily available for $10000 a month where as it cost more than seven times in US, UK and Europe.

Even if you calculate the Total cost of outsourcing i.e. cost of a dedicated staff who manage vendor selection process and the cost of managing an outsourced project, you are saving huge.

In simple words, you can have a mix of talented professionals who work exclusively for you on your projects at your own virtual office in India. If you analyze all recruiting options, the Offshore Employee Leasing is the best option of hiring employees, and it gives one the best value for your money at little or no obligations.

A Parting thought

However cost saving should not be taken as single factor to outsource your project, but one need to be very clear on tasks that can really outsourced and chose resources who can really deliver satisfactory results.

For an example an Indian call support executive may not be a right choice because of his natural heavy accent but there is less headaches in hiring a chat support executive (non voice process), here you are putting extra efforts and dollars finding a right caller. So one need to analyze what he needs and very clear about his process and ability of outsourcer too.

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