Trauma called high transition time, which is a real money drainer.

Hiring cheap vendors are not always a cheap preposition. It may take longer time than expected and outsourcer drain out his/her money in bridging the gap between the cultural differences. Transition period plays an important role while selecting a vendor for your outsourcing needs.

According to HANK ZUPNICK, CIO OF GE REAL ESTATE, “You have to build in up to a year for knowledge transfer and ironing out cultural differences.”

Zupnick who has seven years of experience added further, “The vendors say you can throw it over the wall and start saving money right away. As a result, I’ve heard of CIOs who have tried to go the India or China route, and nine months later they pulled the plug because they weren’t saving money,”

In this case, a VA or a small business entrepreneur can help you in saving your time and money. His experience and expertise can provide lower transition period, as he/she has already spent a lot in creating a team who are having specific domain expertise.

It is essential to look for a service provider who has prior expertise of managing several projects in his/her career. A smart entrepreneur can save a lot of your hard-earned funds and ensure higher return on investments.

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