Choosing an Outsourcing Partner, Make sure you don't get scammed

Tips for Choosing an Outsourcing Partner

India handles more than 80% of all global outsourcing. Yet, at the same time, plagiarism and theft of Intellectual Property is a fast spreading problem. When you outsource part of your business to another company, you take a huge risk.

First, you have no way of knowing where the services that are being provided are actually coming from. From web content and software, to IT programs, plagiarism and copyright violations can mean disaster for your business.

When choosing an outsourcing partner, it is imperative that you know exactly where your content or programs are coming from. If you don’t you may eventually be disappointed to learn that you inadvertently violated several laws.

It is very discouraging to learn that the company that you hired did not create the products or services that you paid for. This amounts for loss of revenue and profits for any business. However, as global laws are continually emerging, there could be very serious legal trouble facing the company that has outsourced to an unscrupulous company or individual. You must take proactive steps to ensure that your outsourcing partner is acting in a moral, ethical, and legal manner.

Check out the Company’s Past

Before you select an outsourcing partner, you need to do your research. Ask them for references, and contact them. Whether it is by email or phone, you need to make sure that the company has plenty of references that can give them credibility. Make sure that you ask the references specific questions as well. You should ask them how the company or individual handled their work, if they were responsible, and efficient. You may also choose to run an Internet search on their name to see if they have any negative information posted.

Give the Company Tests to Ensure they Can Handle the Job

One of the best ways that you can decide whether or not a company can handle outsourcing your project is to give them tests. This can be very beneficial for those who are hiring for web content as well. You will be able to assess their written skills before choosing them for a project. If you aren’t sure exactly what the company should be able to perform, then have someone help you choose the best tests. Also, once you choose a company, you should continue to check their work. Never feel so comfortable with your outsourcing company that you lower your guard. You should always have their work checked. In addition, always have your end of the business checked for any security breaches.

Make sure they understand the Law

Ask the company specifically targeted questions regarding Intellectual Property law and plagiarism. Make sure that they understand the law that protects all property. They should also clearly understand that all content is copyrighted the moment it is produced. If they don’t have a clear understanding of the law, then they may be more prone to breaking the law.

• Have one point of contact to make working with the company simpler and easier.

• If you don’t feel comfortable with the company from the beginning, go with your instinct and choose another.

• Make sure that the company understands global laws regarding Intellectual Property.

Finally, outsourcing your work is a great way to reduce cost, increase productivity, and may be the potential launching ground that your business needs to succeed. However, it is important to realize that not every company is legitimate and when you are outsourcing, you are at an extreme disadvantage. Always remember to use caution and follow these safety procedures when choosing an outsourcing partner.

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