Offshore hiring with Strategic Partnership can be a revolutionary outsourcing model.

Co-sourcing or Strategic partnership can be a revolutionary outsourcing model and can produce greater results for longer duration compare to traditional project-to-project-based outsourcing.

In this model, the outsourcer takes the responsibility of providing regular work and vendor undertakes the responsibilities of successful execution. The success of this model depends upon the mutual benefits of both the parties.

The outsourcer saves much in terms of Screening and Hiring of Staff, infrastructure costs, payroll burden, training, project management and other costs. He can utilize his time in gaining more business, client coordination, and other marketing efforts.

The offshore partner takes all the headaches of deploying and management of efficient trained staff. Here the in-house efficiency of offshore partner increases the productivity of workforce. This strategy if deployed effectively can lower operating costs and sustain growth.

This system can also be termed as Co-sourcing alliance where vendor and outsourcer jointly define the strategy and manage the project.

A virtual assistant can be your Co Sourcing partner to achieve higher success rate as he/she grow together with the company. When you grow he grow too.

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