Staying Clear of Fraudulent Companies

Prevention is the Best Course of Action

If you are planning on outsourcing some of your business, you will need to take special measures to ensure that you don’t outsource to fraudulent companies. The very nature of outsourcing may make it difficult to determine the exact nature of the company handling your work, however it isn’t impossible. You should take whatever steps are needed to ensure that the company is legitimate and will handle your project in an ethical and legal manner. Plagiarism, violation of intellectual property rights, and hacking are all examples of some of the activities that may occur by fraudulent outsourcing companies.

The first way that you can make sure that the company is legitimate is to ask for references. When you receive the references, be sure to verify them. You should also make sure that you protect your end of any arrangement that you make with the company. Even though you may take steps to ensure that the company is legitimate, it is still possible that the company may act in an unscrupulous manner. In a situation like this, the best course of action is to prevent yourself from suffering tremendous damage, and to make sure that you have protected your end of the agreement.

Get it in Writing

Since laws vary from nation to nation, it is wise to make sure that you have all of your agreement with your outsourcing company in writing. Don’t ignore small details either. You should put all details of your working agreement in writing. This way, if the company proves to be fraudulent, you will have written proof with which you may choose to seek legal representative. It may be difficult to take an international company to justice, but it can be done. By making sure that your agreement is in writing, you can rest assured that your end of the agreement is covered and easily presentable before a court of law.

Give the Outsourcing Company a Test Project

There is no reason why you must hire an outsourcing company without giving them a test project first. Let the company prove themselves with a small test project, and then if you are satisfied, hire them for the full project. You should also feel that you could have them take tests relating to various skills as well. This will help reassure you that the company is legitimate and qualified for the job.

Hire Someone to Oversee the Outsourcing Company

Though you may feel as if you are hiring the outsourcing company to lessen your workload, you may find that it is very beneficial to hire someone who will deal primarily with the outsourcing company. This point of contact can be the primary communicator with the outsourcing company, and will be able to catch if any activity or illegal behavior is occurring.
Give the Company a Small Test Project to make sure they Deliver.

Make sure that you give the company a test project before expecting them to do the real deal. Evaluate their response time, their accuracy, and check the project for any violations of intellectual property rights or plagiarism.

Make sure that you really need to Outsource

Many times, people are too eager to outsource and get into a situation that is over their heads. Take the time to identify your job needs, and don’t outsource a job that you can do yourself. By targeting the specific need you will ensure that your outsourcing project will be more efficient.

Always get it in Writing

Always make sure that the nature of your work agreement is in writing. Don’t’ forget to include the smallest details of the agreement as well.

Finally, by performing your research and taking the time and effort to thoroughly research a company, check their references, and give them a test project, you can determine if the company is working as a legitimate business, or if it is fraudulent.

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