Why Template-Based Designs Spell Doom for Your Business?

Before I answer the question posed in the title of this article, let me ask you this: What will happen if your customers, instead of focusing on your brand and the value it delivers, start buying everything as a commodity (not perceiving any difference between a product from leading brand and unbranded product)?

You will argue that this is not possible as not everything should be and could be treated as a commodity. The people considering commodity in high-involving category will be doomed. Well, you are right in this line of thinking.

But, why you do not apply the same reason when adopting template-based designs (commodity) to meet your specific need? It also spells doom to any business as a template-based design creates nothing but me-too image in the mind of your customers, employees, and investors.

More reasons why you should not use template-based design

  • A template has no sense of your specific needs. It was created to become something for everyone, and in the process of doing so it rendered itself useless.
  • The design based on a template will not explain who you are, what you do, and what you stand for to your audience.
  • A template-based design may incur less out-of-pocket expense, but it costs you dearly in terms of your image, which gets translated into loss of business over a period of time.
  • A template-based design does not cross the threshold level, which means your customers will never notice your existence in the market.
  • And even if it does, your customer will reject you altogether as human mind does not have the capacity to store everything, therefore, it chooses to store only those things that are unique and exciting. By using template-based designs for your business, you are missing out on both, which means you will fail to make any perception about you in the mind of your customers.
  • A template-based design will not create any unique personality for you, which means you will be treated as a commodity by your audience.

There is more to lose than there is to gain by using template-based designs for your business card, logo, letter head, website, brochure, etc.

A low upfront payment does not mean a solution came cheap.

Just think how good a cheap solution will be for you, if using it forms a big hole in your customer base, if not push you out of the business. I would suggest staying away from any kind of template-based design for your business, unless you want to risk your brand and company’s life.

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